Thursday, August 28, 2008

No privacy!

I tell ya, I can't go anywhere without some ruthless member of the paparazzi chasing after me. Last night I was at Lou's Pub trying to relax and hang out with friends when this photog (he said he was with the Birmingham News, but I have my doubts) started snapping pictures of me!

Luckily I was not sitting at my table but securing the perimeter, otherwise he would have surely sold these photos to some rag that would run a story about my underage drinking!

I was able to obtain copies of the photographs this morning. I'm relieved that not only are they are not incriminating but they are quite flattering. Not that a pug can take a bad photo - am I right???

"Who did you say you're with again?"

Birmingham News? Okay, I'll give you something to work with.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain, rain go away.....

Oh what a boooring day! What a boring weekend. First of all, Mom got sick with some kindof "bug" on Thursday. I don't know why she wanted to get a bug, but it makes sense that it made her so sick. She was sick all day Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She couldn't eat and she slept a lot.

Well, I don't have to tell you pugs what a sacrifice this was for me. Sleeping in the bed and on the sofa... all day and all night! Ohhh the sacrifices I make for my Mom.

Then yesterday the rain started. Well, maybe it started Saturday. It's hard to say since the days ran together. (That's what happens when you sleep 15 hours a day.) So it has rained and rained and rained. Mom went back to work today so I've been at home with the Midi Kitty. Mom came home at lunch to take me out but I just stood at the top of the stairs with my fortune cookie in my mouth and said "uh-uh, I'm not going out in that rain!". Mom took me back in and kept trying to get me to go on my wee-wee pads but I just sat under the bathroom sink with all my toys. I hear that's the safest place in case a tornado comes.

I hear Rukia and Napoleon are dealing with the same weather. I hope their Mom doesn't try to make them go out in the rain!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Anniversary Day!

Mom says it was about this time exactly one year ago today that she met me. Even though she posted something really sad earlier, we are also happy today. Happy because I, Harry Pugalicious, was adopted one year ago today! I got a cannoli from Generation Dog this morning to celebrate!

Hey Baby

A post from Harry's Mom.
Yesterday I got the sad news that a very dear friend had passed away. It seems there's a lot of that going around lately.

Here in Birmingham we have this fantastic place where friends meet. That's actually what it says on the matchboxes "Lou's Pub & Package Store - Where Friends Meet."

Lou's is one of those unique bars that is truly a neighborhood bar. The bar is populated with all sorts of characters, and the regulars know that on any night of the week we can go in and sitting at the bar or at one of the tables will be someone we know.

I take Harry there when the weather is nice and we sit on the patio. Lou, character of all characters and proprieter, would sometimes bring Harry treats - Cheerios. So, not only have I always felt at home, Lou made Harry feel at home too.

Here's Harry at Lou's Pub.

Sadly, Lou passed away Wednesday night and left a void in many many lives. I took for granted that he would always be there when I walked through the door with a "Hey Baby!".

See you again one day, Lou - I know you'll have my Chopin & water with lemon ready!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Harry Pugalicious - The First Year

My adoption anniversary is this Friday, August 15th! Mom made this little photo show to show my first year. She said I've really come out of my shell over this year. Just wait till she sees me next year!

Bath Time

I loves the bath time. Mom teased me on Saturday saying I would get a bath, but I never did. But Sunday...!!!!! Sunday I gots the bath.

Come on Mom, you promised! Put me in the bath tub.

We don't gots the whole day. Turn the water on!

Hey!!!! Watch where you point that thing!

Waiting on the rinse cycle. Mom says we have to let my shampoo soak in so I don't gets the itchies. (It's got some medicines in it)

All Clean!

I love to get dried with the towell!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

PugFest 2008

It must be getting close to PugFest time 'cause I found this on SEPRA's website. I'm so excited. Mom said October is not really that close, but I refuse to believe her. I'm going to start counting down the days until PugFest 'cause it's the best Fest there is!

Here's me last year at my very first PugFest.

Settling in.

Pug mug.

End of the day, exhausted.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Willie Bean for Mayor!

Pugs and people, I have a new role model. With all of the political corruption (and since late last year, downright insanity here in Birmingham), it is refreshing to see a worthy candidate running for office. The quaint little gulf coast town of Fairhope, AL. is in the middle of a heated race for mayor. There's only one acceptable candidate, in my opinion. Willie Bean Roscoe P. Coltrane.

While I think it would be best to have a pug holding office, I give my support to this Labrador.

Willie Bean for Mayor!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Wild Saturday Night

Mom kept me up soooo late Saturday. We went over to my girlfriends' house for a little party. Mom and her friends were still going at 2am which is about when these pics were taken. Maggie and I were exhausted. A pug can only take so much dancing and pool playing.

Mom took the pics with her cell phone, so they aren't that great.

Needs Meme II

So, Mom saw that Winston & Clementine's Mom did a human version of the google meme. She decided she would too. Here's what happened.

Heather needs Men... Now! Mom is nodding vigorously in agreement and I am too. I need a male role model!

Heather needs your help. See above.

Heather needs some body... guards. Yes, and Mom said they should be hot male body guards.

Just what Heather needs - an eccentric beauty parlor of her own. I do love a bath and a blow dry.

So, there it is pugs and people. Get to work finding hot men for my Mom who will take me to the park and give me treats and pet me all the time.

Snorts & Kisses,

Harry Pugalicious

Sunday, August 3, 2008


We saw this at Devil Dog's blog, and decided to play.

The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results.

Harry needs to learn the D.C. way. Um, OK. I've never been to D.C. Mom says she has but she doesn't think I should act the way most of those people do, especially that guy who lives in a big white house.

Harry needs some SERIOUS help! I know! I need help opening the refrigerator door 'cause I don't have thumbs!

Harry needs Hermione. Yeah, yeah so I have the same name as some wizard kid. I am NOT Harry Potter. I am Harry Pugalicious.

Harry needs to return. Have you missed me?

Harry needs to apologize. Huh? I didn't do anything. I beens sleepin' all day.

Harry needs to be ignored not supported. No! No ignoring Harry Pugalicious. I will not have it!

I see Harry needs more attention. See? Not ingored.. more attention!

Snorts & Kisses,

Harry P.