Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm on the TV!

Check me out! I'm a star!

My appearance on Good Day Alabama to promote Do Dah Day!

I had a great time and the people at Fox 6 were really nice to me :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I hate to jinx it, because it hasn't happened yet... but Mom said I'm going to be on the TV. The Do Dah Day is a month away so they are really working hard to get the word out about how great it's going to be. Tomorrow morning a Do Dah rep will be on this show called Good Day Alabama on Fox 6 to talk about the event and show off this year's t-shirts. Well, since this is the first year they are selling Doggie tees, Mom said I would go on and model them.

I'm kinda nervous!

Will let you know tomorrow how it turns out :-)

Oh, Mom said she will NOT be on the TV with me. Something about it being OK for pugs to be pudgy but it's not OK for her to be. I don't know what's she's talking about because I am NOT pudgy. I'm puggy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vote for Me!

My favorite rescue group, Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption is making a 2009 calendar and I could be in it! My mom entered three of my pictures and I would really appreciate your votes.

It's not really complicated, but read the directions anyway. Voting goes in rounds until the pics are narrowed to 13. Check out the contest here and vote for your favorite Harry Pugalicious pic. My pics look like this:

That's me checking out a little bear in my cool green sweater.

That's me saying "I will not continue with this photo session until I receive a treat!"

That's me looking very handsome outside in Mobile.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Clay Pug

My mom has become a tad bit addicted to Of course, so far everything she has bought has "pug" in the description. I see nothing wrong with that, do you? Yesterday she saw these beautiful clay sculptures but most of the sculptures were boxers. Nothing wrong with that either, but she doesn't have a boxer, she has me - a pug.

So, Mom wrote the nice artist lady and asked if she would consider doing a pug. Within a few hours there was a pug in the shop - and now it's on the way to our house!

Check him out. He sure is cute. Think he looks a little like me???