Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fanta "Girl"

Pearl is thinking about trying out to be the new Fanta girl. Salinger likes the idea of dancing and "fruity". I's thinking about it and visualizing and I thinks this may be a real competition!

Watch out, Pearlie-poo!

I'm just sayin...

Harry's Got Mail!

Hey there pugs and peoples! Hopes everypuggie is staying cool cause it sure has been hot where I lives! I's been trying to just chillax around the house and not gets too excited to keep from getting too hot.

That was not easy this past Friday though. You'll understands why when I tell you what happened. Mom worked all day Friday and when she finally came home I was really happy to see her - but then she gave me something that the mail lady brought us that made me really happy!

It's a package for me!!!! I could smell my friend Salinger as soon as Mom set it in front of me! Then we opened it and there was a letter from my pal. He knows how to type - impressive!

Of course, I immediately dug into the box. I liked what I saws! Pug cookies!

Then Midi had to butt in.

Hey, cat! Those are my treats!

Yummy - look at those pug cookies! We thinks Salinger's mom made them. They's soooo cute! AND I gots some cookies from Three Dog Bakery and they's yummy!

Midi Kitty got a giant catnip ball! She LOVES catnip. Maybe it'll mellows her out so she'll be nicer to me.

Even Mom got something! Check out this cool t-shirt from Woofstock.

Mom made a video of our presents. Ignore her voice.... I should have done all the talkings!

Hope you enjoys watching me and Midi with our presents as much as we enjoys eating and playing with them! Thanks Salinger and Salinger's Mom!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Votes for me!

Hey there pugs and peoples! It's calendar time again. I's entered some piccies in the 2010 SEPRA Calendar Contest and I sure would appreciates your vote. This is the first round and I's got 4 pictures entered. Vote for your favorite!

This is what they look like in case you's not sure which puggie is me.

Thanks for helping my rescue group!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fit and Trim!

Hey there pugs and peoples. I's trying to stay upbeat today even though my team didn't do a very good job last night. Here's something Mom says is positive. I has my doubts.

Mom's been starving me! I think she gots a complex cause people always call me roly poly and stuffs. I's a PUG!!!!! Now looks at me!

Looks at my ribs poking out! I's wasting away!

Try not to be too jealous, Winston. Two can play that game!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swing, batta, batta, batta, swing!

Hey there pugs and peoples! It's hot in Alabama so there's not much goings on. I hardly even gots to go anywhere this past weekend. Mom's so mean for making us live here in the summer. Why can'ts we go live some place cool like Omaha?

Oh, what? It's not cool there in the summer? That's what the peoples on ESPN are saying. I says maybe it's only hot there cause LSU is on the field! That's right - it's the College World Series and my favorite college team is there. Geaux Tigers!

Mom and me don't really like baseball, but we's making an exception. Last night we watched the game and WOW! it was excitings! It was close but LSU scored in the 11th inning to breaks the tie and win (after I put on my LSU collar). So, I's not taking it off until the CWS is over (hopefully tonight - it's 2 out of 3, ya know).

So - I says "Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And, this is what I says to the Texas Longhorns!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Harry Phone Home??

Harry's Mom here... I'm taking over the blog!

Yesterday a friend of mine came over to take pics of Harry for the 2010 SEPRA calendar contest. My little rinky-dink camera doesn't have high enough pixel quality to meet the photo requirements, so I enlisted help.

The shot I really wanted to get was Harry in his toybox with all of his stuffies. Due to the time of day, it was hard to get a great shot.. but I got this one.

I love it, but I don't think it's right for the calendar. My friend emailed me today to ask if he could put some of the photos on his facebook (no problem!); and then he said "I decided I like the one of him in his toy box, with his ears down. He looks like E.T. hiding in the closet, trying to blend in. .."

LOL!!!!! It's so true!

I love my boy :-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whoop! Whoop! I Gots An Award!

I's so excited cause I gots a new award! It's the International Blogger Award. The Pug Possee gaves it to me cause I gots in trouble when I tried to help Midi the Kitty by ripping open the bag with her used kitty litter in it. I guess the felt sorry for me cause Midi ratted on me rather than thank me for trying to make Mom forget about the vet appointment.


So... here' my award!

Now, this is what I gots to do:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire.
3. Post in your blog.
4. Answer the four questions.
5. Pick 7 friends to share with.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTaiNFoCoRNeR at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com/ and leave the URL of your post in order for your blog to be added to the master list.
7. Have fun.

1. The person who tagged you? Big Ern
2. His or her site title and URL? The Pug Possee
3.Date you were tagged? June 16, 2009
4. Persons you tagged?
Rosie Marie cause her new bloggie design is pawesome!
Clementine cause she's so cute!
Pumpkin cause she's doing a great job balancing her life as a celebrity and her work as a therapy dog!
Dixie Bugg cause she's raising money for the Humane Society in her town!
Norman because he always makes me laugh :-)
Clover cause I's so happy she's blogging again!
Frances cause she's being a trooper about adjusting to life in Florida after living in Alaska!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guilty Pug

Hey there pugs and peoples. This post is kind of humilatings for me cause I has to tell you what I did. I don't sees what the big problem is but Mom and Midi both said I's guilty and I has to let the world know how bad I was. I think you's gonna think I's not bad, I's just doing what a pug does.

So, this may or may not be my guilty face.

(Note from Harry's Mom: Harry always runs and gets a stuffie and then gets on his bed or under the bathroom sink when he knows I've discovered he's done something wrong)

And this may or may not be the scene of the alleged crime... and the remnants of the alleged crime.

This was my judge. What do you think? I thinks she's a little biased!

I says I dids it to help Midi by distracting Mom so she'd forget she had to take Midi back to the vet again. I says the proof is in the poop!

Why else would I go to all that trouble and leaves the poop??? Come on pugs, back me up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drama Kitty

Hey there pugs and peoples. The Midi Kitty is trying to hogs all my spotlights again. You may remembers that her thyroid is hyper so she has to take some pills every day. Well, she's started itching and itching and itching. She scratches her ears, her head, her face. She looks like some big, mean cat attakted her.

(That's her before she started scratching)

So, Mom took her to the vet to get her thyroid tested agains and to see if she's got the mites in her ears or something. The vet thinks she might be allergic to her medicines. I says - "don't takes them!" But the vet said she has to take them and take some steroid pills. If she doesn't get better, we's gonna have to find some other way to make her thyroid stop being hyper. The trouble is, Mom says there's nothing else we can do.

They could make her radioactive, but that would mean driving her to Atlanta or Auburn and leaving her for like three weeks (I says "partay"), but Mom says she doesn't think Midi would handle the road trip and it's too much money that we don'ts have.

Then there's surgery, but the vet says probably nobody will operates on her 'cause she's 15 and her heart isn't in the best shape now because of her thyroid.

So, we's sad and we don't knows what's gonna happen. Hopefully she's just itching because of a new food or something and it will go away soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I's been cheated! Cheated out of a meeting some of my bloggie friends. Cheated out of Pugpalooza! If my Mom knew more about U.S. geography, maybe I'd be goins to Kentucky this weekend for Pugpalooza.

Look at this!

View Larger Map

Do you sees how close KY is to Birmingham??? It's just as close as that drive she and J took a few weekends ago for a wedding. Isn't a pug event more important than some wedding?!?! I thinks so!

See you in October, Kentuckiana pug peoples. Even if I has to gets on a bus myself!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Friend Norman

Hey there pugs and peoples! I gots a special post for my friend Norman. You may know him as Goodboy Norman Featherstone. As happens to so many of us pugs, his peoples took a vacation and lefts him. Without much to do all alone while his peoples were out having fun, Norman didn't have much to blog about today. Slow news led to coverage of his people's trip to Disney World.

Not only was it all about them, there were NO pictures of Norman. He made a reference to a picture that should have been taken. A picture of him with the Duck and the Mouse.

I arrangeded for him to have his picture made. Here you go Norman - I hope you enjoyed meeting the Duck.

Note that the Mouse wouldn't pose for the picture - apparently he only works for lots of cheese. Stupid mouse. That's who Norman's glarings at!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pug Taxi & the Park

Hey there, pugs and peoples. It was another excitings weekend at my house. Friday night me and my Mom stayed home. We pulled up the weeds in the garden. Midi even came outsides with us but she just wanted to eat the grass. My neighbor peoples were outside too. They loves me, so I gots lots of petting while Mom pulled weeds.

Saturday morning my friend J came over and I just knew they were gonna takes me somewhere. Can you believes they didn't? They lefts me and I was home all day by myself. It was dark when they finally cames home! After they told me what they had been doings all day I said I was OK with that.

Mom went and met one of the SEPRA volunteers who had been fostering this pug Frank here in Alabama. Frank was dumped at some shelter in Georgia and he's got the heartworms and a bad cough and stuff. So, SEPRA took him in to get him all better and find him a furever home.

This is Frank.

Frank's older than me. Mom says he's between 8 and 10 years old. I's only 3.

Mom and J met some peoples in Atlanta and they were taking him on to a foster home in Athens. Then Mom and J stayed in Atlanta and went to the Ikea and to some grocery store that must not have had dog treats because they did not bring any home for me! Anyways, they said they had fun and I's OK with that cause they were helping out a pug.

Sunday my friend J came over again and we went to the Rojo for lunch. We ran into some friends there and it was lots of fun! Then we went to the park.

I ate grass at the park.

And made funny faces.

I smiled a lots.

I gots lots of rest and relaxing dones.

I barkeds a lot while we were at the park. I don't do that a lots, so Mom got a little video.

There was some crazy black and white dog named Abbey - that's who Mom and J were laughing at at the end. She was running around with other dogs and had a big crash. She was funny.

After the park we wents back to Rojo so the peoples could have some drinks. Here's me and Mom.

So, we hads a really good weekend as you can see. Mom got sad news tonight though. Turns out Frank has more wrong with him than just heartworms and a cough. He got really sick once he got to his foster home in Georgia and today they founds out he's got lung cancer. He's coming back to Alabama to live with his first foster mom since he knows her and she can spend more time loving on him than the people in Georgia. We's sad to hear this, but at least he's gonna have somebody to love and somebody who loves him. Think good thoughts for him.