Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey there pugs and peoples! What a weekend I hads! Farmer's Market, football, a Russian who claimed to be French and some naps here and there.

I guess the weekend really gots started Thursday night when we went to visit a friend of the Momma's. Her friend has a really short and really long dog called a dachshund. I calls her Lucy, but Mom says she's a dachshund. She's not very nice to me and the LuLu but I still eats her food. I's not afraid of anything - especially not when it's shorter than me. Well, unless it's a puppy. Puppies are scary.

Friday night we stayed at home and watched the TV which I loves to do. We hads to rest up for Saturday. Saturday means Farmer's Market. And Farmer's Market means lots of petting and ooohhing and aaahhing over me!

Me and LuLu were ready to go!

I wanted to be the first pug out of the car so I sats on my stroller on the driver to the market.

I likes to get right on the edge of our pugmobile so people don't misss me and they can easily reach over and pets me. LuLu says I's hogging the attention, but I's just protecting her since she's so shy.

Later that day we wents to the pug lady's house across the street from us. She has a bunch of rescue pugs and some foster pugs. There was a meeting over there to talk about Alabama Pug Rescue's Pug 'n Pumpkins event coming up in a few weeks.

I hopes this means I gets to go!

There was a non-pug there hanging out with the pugs and pug peoples. His name was Boris. I's thinking he's Russian, right? Well, he says he's French. Uh-huh. Mom had troubles getting a good pic of him but she kept going on and on and on about how cute he was.

He's a year old and he says he's a French bulldog. I's not sure. I think he's a Russian frog.

How abouts you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday ...

It's Tallulah Tuesday but I don't have much to say. Me and Harry had a pretty normal weekend. Lots of naps. Lots of time alone. Mom went out without us both weekend nights! She did have the decency to stay home on Sunday night at least.

I guess to make up for abandoning us so much, she took us to the farmer's market. We got lots of treats and lots of attention and we met these two puppies!

Their names are Oscar and we can't remember the girl's name, maybe Zoe? Anyway - they're boxers. Aren't they cute?!?

Mom cleaned my blanket on Sunday and then Tubby sat on it with me. Here we are looking innocent waiting on Mom to say it's OK for us to have our chew chews. (wink wink)

Last night, guess what we did.

Yep, we watched the Saints beat the 49ers. To be honest, it was really stressful so I went to bed while Harry and Mom watched. I don't need any grey furs popping up due to football stress!

Smooches from LuLu!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The LuLu Contract

Hey there puggies. As you know, Tallulah Tuesday was cancelled for a special announcement. Our friend Howie P. was going through a rough time and we wanted to let everyone know to think really pawsitive thoughts for him. Howie, we hope you're feeling better. Smooches!

So, some things happened tonight that made me have to remind Mom about some things we agreed to early in our relationship. I think maybe I need some witnesses, so I present to all of you:

The LuLu Contract

As a LuLu I have permission to do any of the following* without question:

Jump off the sofa anytime my Momma gets up.
Bark, and I do mean BARK at anyone and anything - anytime I want to.
Scratch at the door and bark whenever Mom leaves and doesn't take me.
Scratch at the door and whine when Mom comes home.
Become obsessed with cute boy dogs I meet. Especially if he is a red doberman named Leo.
Get jealous of my brother for any reason.
Be super silly in the mornings and crawl all over my Mom because I'm so happy we get to spend another day together.

Tallulah Babygirlpug aka LuLu

Smooches to everypug. Thanks for being my witnesses!

*The LuLu permissions are not limited to the list above and may be added to at anytime.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Hugs for Howie

Our buddy Howard Pee Pugpants isn't feeling too good and is at the vet hooked up to some fluids today. Let's all send him lots of healing vibes and pawsitive thoughts. We needs that pug feeling good and misbehaving!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guess Who We Met!!

Shhhhhh.... everypuggie be kinda quiets because LuLu is still exhausted from the weekend.

I thinks most of you already know, but me and LuLu met some really special friends this weekend.

Mom took us to the farmer's market in our pugmobile and we were standing around talking to someone we met when all of a sudden there they were!

Kitty & Coco!!!

Well, LuLu and I were so exciteds! Of course, we couldn't get out of the pugmobile to sniff them properly, but we still gots to meet them and hang out for a bit.

This other pug named Reuben wandered over too. He was a pretty big pug! His people were really nice and said they go to Pugfest every year too!! We's hoping Kitty and Coco can talk their peoples into taking them.

Here's a group shot of all of us - isn't their Mom just the cutest?

It was a lots of work to get all of us kindof looking at the camera. I think LuLu was really interested in Kitty. They could probably be BFFs or whatever girls say.

Ohhh, we hopes we gets to see Kitty and Coco again because they were super nice!

Later that day, Mom took us downtown to this thing called Artwalk. I's not sure who Art is or how much walking he did, but these two pugs walked their curly little tails off!

We were super-tireds and told Mom we wanted to stay home Sunday and rest like the Ayatollah Mugsy tells us too! She still made us go on a really long walk, but we gots to rest most of the day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guess What We're Doing Tonight!

I gots two words for you.

Who Dat!!!!

And I shares a picture with you. This is me after the last meetup of the Saints and the Vikings. I's hoping I can take it easier this time and don't haves to work so hard for another Saints victory!

Who Dat, Who Dat, Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints! Geaaaauuuuxxxx Saints!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Recap ... on Wednesday

Yeah, yeah... we knows we's late. It was that long weekend that throwed us!

Me and the LuLu bug hads a great weekend! It was nice and cool here. It even gots down in the 50s at night. We had to really snuggles to keep the Mom warm.

3 days with the Momma, cool weather and snuggly nights. What could be better? A visit from Granmama, that's what! Yep, she came to see us agains! That's three weekends in a row that we's had visitors. We's so popular in our new home. Must be because there aren't any mean peoples living with us.

We don't have lots of pictures but I's gonna tell you what all we did.

Saturday morning it was really nice and cool so Mom and Granmama took us to the farmer's market. We hads so much fun. I even almost got a cinnamon roll from a little girl (when Mom wasn't looking)!

Then the work started. Mom and Granmama did a lots of stuff around the apartment again, but me and LuLu managed to keeps them from doing too much. They did get a lot of plants put into pots and got our veranda looking nice.

(Yep, that's our pugmobile parked on the veranda)

LuLu got her own shirt for tomorrow night's game. Who Dat!

Mom made it for her. I know that makes it seems really special, but remember I has a jersey. I's just like Drew Brees in my jersey. LuLu just has a t-shirt.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flashback Friday - Football Time!

Those cute girls Sequoia & Petunia inspired today's post.

Ahhhh, it seems like only yesterday....

We's working with our favorite pug clothing designer to get the perfect Saints outfit for their newest cheerleader. LuLu is gonna be a Saintsation!