Friday, February 27, 2009

Neglected Pug

Somepuggie please call the SPCA or something! My Mom has been neglecting me. I's not been able to do any blogging because she won't help. Pugs can't type the words. That's what humans are for!

I's gonna try to get her back in line this weekend. I has lots of awards to tend to. Sorry for being a little M.I.A.

Here's my pug mug cause I know you's misses it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeling Kinda Monday

Hey there pugs and peoples. I's been kinda quiet the past few days, but that's Mom's fault. She really neglects the pug some of the times. Last week she was really busy at the work, or so she says. She did stay home with me on Thursday and we slepts a lot but even then she would get up and work on the computer, taking attention away from me. She better be more carefuls or somebody is gonna report her to the SPCP (it's like the SPCA but for puggies)!

So, we hasn't been doing a lot. I was really tired from all the dates I had last weekend. Since then I's been munching on the cookies my sweet Clementine gave me and hanging out on the sofa. This weekend I did get to go have lunch with my boxer girlfriends - we had lots of fun while the people ate cajun food and didn't give us any.

Because Mom has been neglecting me I don't really has any new pictures to show you. I do has a video from last Sunday when Mom took me to watch people play kick the ball. There were some ducks at the park and I chased them all into the water!

Who knew pugs were a herding breed?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Marathon

Hey there pugs and peoples ... and Japanese Chins ;-) . I thinks I has finally recovered from my Valentine's Day dates.

I started the day off getting all spiffy for my ladies. Mom took me to Generation Dog where I got a shampoo and a pawdicure.

Then we went home and she tooks some pics of me so we'd have memories of my first big date (or four).

My first date of the day was with my darling Clementine. She lives with Winston, so I knew he'd wants to spend lots of time with her but I did get to takes her to lunch. Since it was lunch I had to makes it extra special so we went to a Winery. You wouldn't believes how many there are in Virginia! We founds one that was pet-friendly and served lunch and we had a nice little tour and a really nice lunch.

We tooks some time to just sit and enjoy the view before I had to takes her home.

Early evening I went and picked up my little Pearlie-poo for drinks and appetizers. She had lots of dates too on Valentines! Luckily her Mom wasn't too upset with all the dates Pearl had made and let me pick her up and take her out.

We had a wonderful time... I had a violinist play to set the mood ;-)

After drinks with Pearl, it was off to the windy city to have dinner with my beautiful super-model Pumpkin.

Let me tells you, we really had to dodge the pawparazzi. I had a nice romantic table set for us in a private room at the restaurant so we wouldn't be disturbed. Pumpkin and I hads a wonderful dinner together. She's so pretty and sweet. I's a lucky pug to go out with such a famous lady!

After dinner I had dessert plans with Rosie. I got to Rosie's and boy did she have on an outfit that really made this puggie go WOOF!!! She acts all shy and stuff but she's a fireball! We grabbed some sweets and then decided to take advantage of her pawrents being out of the town. We wents dancing all night!

Thanks again to all my lovely ladies for sharing their Valentine's Day with me. I's the happiest puggie in the world!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post-Valentine's Day

Wow! I's exhausted!

I had wonderful dates with all my ladies and I's missing them already. So, I's gonna fill everyone in on my day later, but first I's gonna snuggle with my stuffies and dream sweet dreams of my Valentine's day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentines

It's been a week of planning and I's gonna be a very busy pug tomorrow!

First I's gonna take my darling Clementine out to lunch. It's not the MOST romantic meal of the day but you know she lives with Winston, so I's sure he's gonna monopolize most of her Valentine's Day.

I's starting my Valentine evening off by taking Pearlie-poo out for cocktails. She's so sweet to include me in her Valentine's day.

After cocktails and appetizers with Pearl I'm gonna take my sweet Pumpkin out for dinner. We's gonna dine by the candlelight - I hope she enjoys it!

And last, but certainly not least.... I's gonna take Rosie out for dessert! I thinks her curfew is gonna be quite flexibles as her pawrents are out of the town :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Love - Final Four

Tomorrow I's gonna tell you all about my plans for Valentine's Day. So before then I wants to let you know there's one more special lady in my life. I's a really open-minded pug, you know. This next lady, she's a little different from the rest. I have to admit I'm drawn to her long fur and her perky little nose.

I hope the puparazzi doesn't get wind of this though 'cause she is rather famous!

It's great that she lives in the windy city cause her fur always looks so pretty blowing in the wind!

Big Love - Triple Threat!

I's been busy planning my Valentine's. I thinks me and my ladies are really gonna have some funs!

The next lucky puggie really blew me away when she told the whole bloggie world she's got the crush on me. She's quite the little poet so I's gonna try to be extra romantic for her.

Who could it be? So far my Valentine's Day is going to be Harry plus three :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Love - Part Deux

As I said yesterday, it looks like I has three - maybe even FOUR! Valentines this year. I thinks no puggie or non-puggie should has to spend Valentine's Day alone so I's gonna be there for the pups that wants some Harry love.

This next lucky girl has really caughts my eye lately with her wittiness, her love for eating and sleeping and for her recent bravery in the midst of a very scary day.

I thinks we's gonna be meeting for cocktails! I hope she likes pugtinis!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Love

Wow! This Valentine's Day I finds myself in a very unusual position. See, I has lots of love to gives. So, I has lots of girlfriends. Mom says I's a playa but I's not! I just loves the ladies!

As long as we's all open about it - it's OK, right? I gots plenty of the lovin' to go around.

For the next few days I's gonna post some pics of me and my ladies - but I's gonna keep their identies secret until Friday.

Here's Me and Lucky Lady Pug #1 (note these are in no particular order, I loves them all the same).

Ok, maybe this one is extra specials 'cause I's know her the longest.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Problem Pugs!!!!

Finally! Animal Planet is re-showing It's Me or the Dog with the pugs!!!! I think they are SEPRA people too! Yay! Hope you can watch it - we just saw that it's on.

They all eat poop!!!

I'd like to thank the pugcadamy....

Great news! Lovely, sweet, irresistable Clementine's Mom (what's that?) Oh, yeah, she's Winston's mom too... Anyway, their Mom gave us this fabulous award because of the recipe we sent in for Foodie Friday!

So here are the rules! List 6 things that make you happy. Pass the award on to 6 bloggers for Kreativ. Link to the blogger who gave you the award. Link to the blogs receiving the award. Notify the recipients.

Since Mom made the cake and turned in the recipe, I's letting her say what makes her happy.

1. Midi T. Kitty and Harry Pugalicious make me happier than anyone/anything else. Midi and I have been through some rough times when I had no one else around me but her. She's my baby girl. Harry makes me laugh every day - even on the bluest of days.

2. My family. I'm lucky to I have a very close relationship with my parents. My mom is my best friend. They are always supportive (even when I think they aren't completely on board with my decisions).

3. My job. Let's face it, in today's economy just having a job is a reason to be happy. I have a bonus in that I actually really enjoy my job and like and respect the people I work with. For the first time in a long time that respect goes both ways. That and my company does amazing things and I'm glad I can be a small part of it.

4. Chocolate. How can chocolate NOT make you happy?

5. Sushi. I love, love, love sushi. Really good sushi puts a great big smile on my face and I swear I almost do a happy dance after the first bite.

6. Days like today. It's February and it's 68 degrees and incredibly sunny. I had my sunroof open and the Jimmy Buffet station playing on my way home at lunch.

So, I may duplicate some, but I'm giving this award to:

Eduardo's Mom because of her pet photography. Eduardo is such a good subject!

Clover's people - have you seen their fort?

And Norman's Mom - she throws some fabulous parties!

Weekend In Review

Hi there pugs and peoples! I hopes you all hads a great weekend. It was warm and sunny here in Alabama, so I gots to spend lots of time outside. Yay!

Saturday Mom stayed gone a lot longer than usual when she left for her workout. I suspect she may have gone and had fun without me, and she smelled suspiciously like Generation Dog. Well, to make it up to me she took me to the park! We has lots of parks near us but there's one that is just a few blocks away so I can walks to it.

There was a few other doggies there. I played with one for a little bit and then I found a nice cool spot and resteded. Sadly there were no puggies there. We needs a pug meetup here. Mom and I read about the fun Indy meetup and I would have been OK getting muddy if I could have had some friends with me!

Anwyays, here's some pics of me at the park. Mom says this was the only time I was still enough to get pics of me.

Sunday Mom made me works. To gets ready for the Do Dah Day this year, she wanted to inventory everything left over from last year (hats, t-shirts and stuff). So, she made me go with her. Luckily my friend Johnny was there too and we hung out. All that stuff is kept at the Humane Society so I gots to check out lots of messages other doggies left around the place.

We wents to lunch and then we wents back to the Humane Society and looked at all the doggies and kitties who don't have homes yet. It made me kinda sad, but at least they has a nice place to live until they find some good peoples to take care of them.

Since I was such a good worker, Johnny bought me a treat from the gift shop.

We wents home and Mom cleaned and tried to make the brownies Salinger's Mom makes. They did not turn out so good. We's gonna talk about that some other time.

Then we watched Big Love and called it a night. I was exhausteded!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Wellness

Harry's mom here. I got home from work yesterday evening and found a pug-shaped indention on top of the sofa's back cushion - and it was still warm! So, I believe Harry has recovered. He jumped on the sofa a few times to watch TV and snuggle but would still not stand up for me to pick him up to put him on the bed. So, it looks like he's recovering. Thanks for all of your advice and well wishes! I don't know what I would do without all of my blog friends!

Gimme back my blog, Mom!

I dunno what she's talking about. That was Midi's indention on the sofa (she just sneakeded back to her bed before Mom got in the door) and it tooks everything I had to get on the sofa to keep Mom warm last night! I thinks I need more treats to feel better. And maybe for my Mom to take a sick day or three to stay home with me.

Thanks for looking outs for me though - especially those of you who saids Mom should wait to take me to the vet. I don't likes the vet!

Snorts & Kisses!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Harry's mom here. I'm hijacking his blog to ask for some advice. I think Harry may have hurt his back. The other night he had a failed attempt at jumping on the sofa and since then he won't jump on the sofa (well, he did when I hid one of his treats there during our "find" game), he won't stand on his back legs so I can pick him up to put him in the bed and this morning he wouldn't "dance" for his treats.

At first I thought he was just afraid to "get back on the horse" after his miss at getting on the sofa. I thought maybe it was one of his back legs, but he goes up and down the stairs fine and doesn't favor either of them. The problem with him is that he's so quiet I'm not sure he would cry or make other noises if he was hurt.

So, do I wait it out a few days or do I make an appointment with the vet?

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I wants to apologize to my puggie and people friends. It looks like we was punked! Pug Possessed took a moment to look at the link on that "ladybug" award and did not like what they found. I feels silly that I didn't even notice what those womanbugs was doing until Clementine pointed it out. (I can no longer calls them ladies). So, I thinks you should all take down the offensive award. I did. Sorry!!!!!