Monday, December 28, 2009

Midi Monday

The two four-legged bloggers have agreed to let the human post today.

Have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain? I know, it's a dog book and this is supposed to be Midi's post, but the book (or the small part I read) serves as a good intro to today's post.

I'm going to post for Midi today because I feel like I need to share what's going on with her, with me and with Harry. OK, Harry's oblivious - so it's pretty much just me and Midi in this one.

I read the first few paragraphs of the book while waiting to meet someone at Starbucks several months back. It was sitting on the shelf of available reading material, so I picked it up and started to read. I haven't gone to the library or the bookstore to get the book because I'm not sure I could finish it. I teared up immediately, so I'm thinking maybe it's not such a good book for me to read given my delicate emotional state lately.

Basically in the beginning of the book (written in the dog's voice), the dog is dying and has made a plan to get his person to put him down.

The past few weeks I've watched Midi waste away before my eyes. Yes, she's been getting thinner all along (hyperthyroidism), but it's gotten much worse very recently. She has gone from eating two to three cans of Fancy Feast each day to maybe eating one. She also sleeps. A lot. I can tell when she does get up that she's become weak although she can still jump onto chairs to get to her food.

When I hold her (which is often), I can feel her heart beating very fast. She's become much more affectionate lately - but that's what she does in the winter. It's all about body heat :-)

She is still Midi though. She's alert. She doesn't seem to be in pain. She IS eating. Just not as much. I do not know what to do. I don't want to do anything while she is still alert and seems OK. But I don't want her to suffer either. I am a coward about this as I've never had to go through this before. With my parents and "our" pets, sure. But not just me. I would rather her heart just give out and let her go peacefully than for me to have to make a conscious decision.

I feel our time together is short and I want to be the best Mom I can be during the time we have left.

Thanks for listening and I promise to post a silly Harry blog soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Travelling Pug

I's getting ready for my trip to see the Grandpawents.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blue Christmas

Hey there pugs and peoples. I's sorry for not posting much, but I's been depressed. See, I sees all the other puggies out there with daddies and I don't haves one of those. So, I's decided that's what I wants for Christmas. A daddy.

Ok, I's gonna be honest. It's Mom who's depressed and she thinks I needs one of those daddy things. It would be nice, but I's OK just with Mom. (Even though I follow my friend J around the house and look for him when he's not around).

Mom says she really doesn't like the holidays (she actually said she hates them) because they just makes her sad. I'm here! How can she be sad? I suspects there might be less room in the bed for me if I hads a Mom and a Dad, but if that's what will make her happy - can you all talk to the fat man and see if he'll get one for us?


Here's a gratuitous puggie pic for you. This is me being a dog. I's chilling with my homegirls Laila and Maggie. We stayed with them this weekend. Laila is obsessed with me! She gots up in the bed in the middle of the night just so she could kiss all over me. I's a love muffin!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow and Rain

Turns out I hads two surprise visitors this weekend! First, my grandmama came up to see me Friday. She gave me and Midi lots of loving. She even brought us some turkey that was left over from Thanksgiving! (Mostly she gave it to Midi, but I managed to get a few pieces).

Later that night, when Mom and Grandmom were out having fun without me, something else came to visit me. Snow! It wasn't a whole lot, but there was still some left for me to sniff and pee on the next morning.

Here's my backyard in the snow.

Mom thought this plant looked pretty with snow on it.

I pees on the snow!

After my Grandmama lefts me, Mom took me to Generation Dog for a bath. I always smell so good after my bath, and I's always so happy to be clean.

I was such a good boy, I asked Mom if she would buy me some treats. She wasn't really getting the hint, so after this picture I went over to another bin and pulled out a bag of treats and said "this one! This is the one I wants!" It worked too. Mom bought me some yummy duck jerky!

Otherwise, my weekend was pretty boring. It's been really cold here, so I's been doing lots of sleeping. In the mornings while Mom gets ready to leave me, I gets in my bed with a stuffie or two and start warming up for my day of naps.

Today it's raining, so I's gonna be doing a lot more of this...

I hopes you puggies and peoples are all staying warm!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Surprise Visitor

The Mom said that somebody is going to come visit me this weekend. I's waiting patiently.

I hopes it's somebody who knows how to scratch my booty.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lucky Jersey

Looks like my jersey was a lucky one. Plus the Saints are on fiya!!! I's still exhausted from cheering them on last night. This is what I looked like by the 2nd half of the game.

Saints 38, Patriots 17 Who Dat!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Who Dat!

Hey there pugs and peoples! I hopes everypuggie and person and other fursons had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I went to dinner with my boxer girlfriends, Maggie and Laila. We had a really good time.

Otherwise the weekend was pretty boring. I helped Mom decorate for Christmas, but we can talks about that later. Right now I's got one thing to say.

Who Dat!

I's ready for Monday Night Football!!! Me and the Mom will be watching with my Auntie Jen and the boxers. Wish us well. Geaux Saints!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Circle of Friends

Wow! I's so honored and feel so loved. I gots this Circle of Friends Award from not one but two fellow bloggers! Penny - the sexy, beefy pug gave me the award and so did Tweedles!

Here the terms of this award:

1. Publish a post on your blog - referring who awarded you.
2. Share 5 things you like to do .
3. Share or pass this award to 10 friends.

Hmmmm... only five things? Ok, I's gonna try to only name five.

Five things I, Harry Pugalicious loves to do:
1. Snuggle with my Mom
2. Get in my toy box with my stuffies
3. Play with my stuffies - especially Tiger and Froggie
4. Beg for food from my buddy J.
5. Sleep

10 friends I am showing pug love to are:

Some of yous may have gotten this, but I's giving to you anyway.

Gus Gus @ the Posse - Mom's in love with him
The Urban Pugs

To all of my puggie and non-puggie friends I says "Happy Turkey Day!"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Special Thanks

We's a little late making this post, but we gots some peoples and puggies to thank!

First, Mom was very surprised and touched to receive a beautiful gift in the mail from Lilo and her Mom.

Can you sees what it is?

It's a pretty bracelet that Lilo's Mom made. It's got a piccie of me and a piccie of the Mom! Oh, yeah. And a picture of Midi.

Thanks, Lilo and Lilo's Mom! We loves it!

Then we gots another surprise package in the mail! Emmitt and his Mom sent us this super-cute magnet! And a bookmark! And a super-sweet note.

Thanks Emmitt and Emmitt's Mom!!! We loves the gift and will think of you every time we post a new note on the fridge or mark our spot in a book!

Aren't pug bloggie friends the best?!? We gots a great community here of people who really care about each other - and that's better than any gift. But I likes the gifts too!

Friday, November 20, 2009

R.I.P. Uga VII

It's a sad day for bulldogs. It's a sad day for all of us dogs. Few of us reach the level of fame and fan admiration that Uga VII did, especially in such a short amount of time.

The mascot for the University of Geogia Bulldogs passed away at the age of 4 yesterday. This was only his second season as mascot, but he was beloved by so many fans - and people like my Mom who aren't crazy about college football but liked him for who he was, not his job.

R.I.P. Uga VII.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pug Mecca

One week ago today I made my way to Indianapolis to finally meet in pugson some of my Indy pug blogger friends. I wanted to updates you all sooner, but Mom keeps saying she's soooo busy with work. I's a neglected pug. After living with Salinger for a weekend, I know that for sure. But, I's getting ahead of myself. Here's a recap of my wonderful weekend in Indianapolis. (Midi was right, it is a pug mecca!)

The first night of our trip we stopped in Nashville for the night. Mom wanted to break up the trip for me so I wouldn't haves to sleep 8 hours solid on they way up and back. So, we stayed at this dog-friendly hotel. They gave me my own bowls for my room service.

And of course I had a big fluffy bed to sleep in.

The next day we drove the rest of the way to Indy. It was long drive, but I trains for just this kind of thing. I was ready for a marathon nap and I only woke up for food!

When we gots to Indianapolis we went straight to Salinger's house. They welcomed us with open arms!

Looks at the nice treats Salinger's Mom left for us in the guest room!

I guess there's no mistaking who these treatables are for!

I thinks Salinger might have been a little hesitant about our stay at first.

But he warmed up and even let me take his chew chew! (Ok, I might have just taken it, but he didn't stops me!) Oh, that's Lola in the edge of the piccie. She and Pugsley came over to see us!

Our Moms got along great and S-Dog's Mom seemed to really love me! I guess my Mom really loved Salinger too.

Saturday morning we got up and went to a park and then I gots to see hamburgers before they becomes hamburgers (Mom calls them cows). Then we set out for the Indy Pug Meetup!

On our way we stopped at this amazing place called Three Dog Bakery! The nice lady there gave me and S-Dogs some treats!

S-Dog likes to ride in the front seat. I was stuck in the back with Mom.

When we got to the Meetup, there were lots of dogs there in costume. There were some pug jockeys!

Apollo was a monkey! Had I seen him before his Mom picked him up I probably would have tried to finds his squeaker!

Look who else was there! Lilo and her Mom. Lilo was dressed as Minnie Pearl. I thinks she even won!

Then I gots to meet Sophie Sophie's Mom!

Sophie Sophie was there.

So was da Bugg!!!

Sophie, Da Bugg and Harles were dressed up as Three of a Kind. Mom only gots a picture of a pair of them though.

After the meetup, we wents to a party at the Pug Posse's house! Their Mom and Dad were so nice to throw a party while we were theres!

Salinger's Mom made us a cake! (I could not eats it though, cause it was pug poison)

Hank and Molly's Mom was nice enoughs to share her apple pie though!

There were so many pugs there! Me and da Bugg hung out a little.

Mom could only get a partial picture of the Posse. There's so many of them! They loves their Mom.

After the party, we went back to Salinger's house where I gots a special treat. Before I shows you that I ask you. Do you sees all the nice treatment? My own treats with my picture, a pug to play with, and did I tells you about breakfast? Every morning I gots my own eggie for breakfast! I's neglected at my house. ::Sigh::

Anyways. Mom was really grossed out with what happened next. Beware, you mights not want to see. I gots chicken feet!

They were so yummy! Of course, later Salinger barfed up a whole one so now there's no more chicken feet for pugs at his house.

The next day we gots up and went for a death march. I means, a walk. We walked to this place with a huge sand box! Me and S-Dog had lots of fun running around in there!

We fed some fishies and posed for one last picture together.

Then it was time to go home. Me and Mom packed up the car and drove back to Alabama. It was long drive, but I managed to sleep the whole way (except for when Mom ate the curry chicken salad sandwich S-Dog's Mom packed for her).

This is pretty much what I did for the next few days after we gots home.

Ok. Who's next??? We's ready to meet more puggies!!!