Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend with Friends

Sorry to just now be writings about my weekend with Libby. Mom didn't feel good on Monday and stayed home. That was good for us pugs but it threw the rest of her week offs.

Libby came to see me Friday night. Yes, Louis came too. (I's telling this story, LuLu. You gets your turn next Tuesday!) So anyways, Libby and Louis and their Mom came to see us Friday night. Libby was so excited to see me! LuLu kinda freaked out at first because our house went from calm to crazy in about 2 seconds when they came through the door!

We all ran around in the backyard chasing each others and having fun. Then we got in just in time cause the rest of the night it stormed!

We were all goings to go to Pugs on Parade for Alabama Pug Rescue the next day, so Libby and Louis modeled their outfits for us. The costume contest theme was "From the Garden". Louis is the bumble bee.

Libby was sweet and gave LuLu a new dress. Here's LuLu modeling it (laying on the blanket Mom made her).

Saturday we all gots up excited about Pugs on Parade but it was still raining. Turns out the event was postponed until Sunday. We were all really sad. Somehow we managed to comfort ourselves by laying around all day and sleeping.

Libby seemed to feel better if she snuggled up to me.

For some reason Louis liked snuggling with me too. I guess I's a role model for him.

We all gots left at home Saturday night when our Moms went to a party. Then Libby and Louis went home Sunday. LuLu and I had to work Sunday folding shirts for Do Dah Day so we still didn't get to go to Pugs on Parade! Maybe next year.

In case anypuggie out there is counting, that's 3 weekends in a row we's had to work!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Friends... Friendly Friday

It's Friendly Friday or Friday Friends or something like that. I's excited cause I gots friends coming to see me this weekend!

What's that? Oh yeah, LuLu is excited too.

Mom spent a lot of time last night cleaning. I thinks she still has some work to do. Really Mom, can you please sweeps up the LuLu hair?

LuLu and I are restings up waiting on our friends to come. Mom says I's resting more than LuLu. I's not sure why she says that.

Mom also says she thinks I may be part harp seal. Again, what is she talkings about?

You wants to know who's coming to sees me? My gal Libby! and Louis is coming too. I's finding a really nice comfy spot for me and Libby.

Ok, Mom. I gots to rest now. Put the camera away and go to work. I's gonna let everypuggie know about my weekend next week!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday... My BTOT

This post is especially for Pearl. Harry's told me all about you and how your parents love BTOTs. So, I wanted to show you mine.

You can click on the pictures to make my BTOT bigger. I don't mind.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Hey puggies. Today is my Libby's birthday! Please go over to her blog and wishes her a happy day!

Happy Birthday, dear sweet Libby! We's gonna celebrate next weekend when you comes up here!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Trouble with Pug Blogs

I'm sure most of you know by now about our friend Penny. And that, in short, is the trouble with pug blogs. It's not unlike the only real downside of having a pug or a non-pug dog - or a cat or bird or any kind of furry or feathered friend. Their lives are just too short.

Even though I've never "met" most of you in person, I feel connected to you and I feel like I absolutely know your fur babies. I am so sad for Dana right now.

Hopefully we will all find comfort in having known Penny with all her pug sexiness for however brief a time.

Kiss your puggies - I can't wait to get home and hug mine extra tight.

Rest in Peace, Penny. May there be unlimited supply of whippey cream on the other side of that bridge. If there is, please share with Midi... she loves the whippey cream too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Buddy Salinger

Hey there pugs and peoples! Today is a really special day. My buddy Salinger is turning 3! That's right - he's legal! I hope he can find some fun stuff to do up there in Indy and I wish I was there celebrating with him!

Here's me and my buddy S-Dog when I went to visit him in November.

Happy Birthday, buddy! Put your tiara on and paint the town pink!

Everybody head on over and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday... Fashionista Pug

Hey everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know my brother already told you about our weekend, but I think he left a few things out. The most exciting thing he didn't tell you about is how I got to go shopping! That's right. We were at a shopping center after all. So, I waltzed right into J. Crew and Saks Fifth Avenue! And do you know what happened? I was adored! Sales people swarmed around me to pet me and tell me how pretty I am.

It's no wonder Harry didn't tell you... he's clearly jealous.

Mom didn't even know this about The Summit until we signed on to sell t-shirts there for Do Dah Day, but they are pet-friendly. Lots and lots of stores there allow well-behaved pugs like myself into the shops. Isn't that fabulous?

Mom says if she were rich she totally would have bought me a diamond collar at Saks. Unfortunately all we did was go in to use the facilities. Still, we barely made it through cosmetics because so many people wanted to come see me. It was so much fun being a celebripug! I could get used to this life!

Here I am resting and keeping a low profile.

I made Harry stay in the front to be my bodyguard in case any fans got a little too crazy!

This having a furever home sure does rock! I wonder what Mom has in store for me next!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Workin for the Man

Hey there pugs and peoples! I's hoping you had a fun weekend. Mom put me and LuLu to work. Can you believes that? Do you thinks our rescue group knows about how we's been made to earn our keep?

Saturday we had to go out to this place called The Summit and sale "vintage" shirts for Do Dah Day. It's not even May yet and Mom's already pimped me out for that cause! Here's me and LuLu slaving.

I finally gots so hot and tired I had to jump in the fountain. Here's me post-swim.

Mom was nice enough to bring our cabana so we could take breaks from all the peoples wanting to pet us.

Now if Mom would just bring me a pina colada or something, this might be OK!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday... a Day Late

Mom's decided I can have the Tuesdays since my name is Tallulah. You can still call me LuLu though - it's a lot easier! Harry's still groggy anyway since he's covered in pollen and Mom keeps giving him those pink pills.

He wasn't too groggy this weekend though. We went to the dog park again! This time there weren't a lot of people there. Mom said people were probably at home eating Easter dinner. (I don't know why we didn't get one of those, I might have to file a compliant with SEPRA!)

Even though there weren't many dogs, we still had a fun time.

Mom made sure to take a big bowl of water for us and some poopie bags. We were hopeful there were fun things in this bag, but that was it.

We looked around for Easter eggs...

None of those either.

Harry did make somew new friends. They were poodles.

Mom took a picture with me. Just us girls, no Harry pug. :-)

Then she took a picture of her and Harry. Like everyone hasn't seen that before!

We didnt' stay too long since it was really warm that day.

And so ends another day at the dog park.

Of course, I started this blog YESTERDAY and Mom is just getting around to helping me finish, so it's Wednesday and I look like a dork. Anyone get the feeling this little girl pug is not the favorite?!? I may have to file a complait with SEPRA!

Friday, April 2, 2010


It's Thank Goodness It's LuLu day on Harry's blog!!!!!

My brother had a big itchy spot on his neck this morning, so Mom gave him a little pink pill to help with the itching. And now....he's asleep, knocked out, sawing logs, all of those things that mean he doesn't know I'm taking over his blog!!!!

Hello blogger friends, I'm Tallulah Babygirlpug. You can call me LuLu!

I have lots of stuff to tell you about but I can't say everything all at once because Harry might wake up. So, I'm gonna tell you about something really important. My Easter dress!

I got this in the mail early this week and Mom said it's from this lady named Punchy who loves pugs. Check it out!

Isn't it beautiful?!?

Punchy, if you're reading this... I want you to see how happy I am in my Easter dresss. See my tail? Happy curly tail!

Now, do any of you know anything about a bunny that's supposed to come see me this weekend? I hear he brings treats! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!