Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Obedience School" Anyone?

Hey there puggies and peoples. Mom wanted me to show you this picture. I don't knows what it means, but here it is.

She says that thingie says "33". She says it said "25" until she walked into the sunroom to try to gets a good picture of it. Ok, Mom. Whatever! I gots to talk to my bloggie friends - they cares about me, not some silly thing with numbers on it!

What? Oh - she says "Just as I suspected". K. See ya, Mom.

Hey puggies - are you's all packed and stuff yet? Who's all going to "obedience school"??? I's gonna have to sneak back to Alabama for a little bit on Saturday cause Mom wants to take me out for my birthday, but otherwise I's gonna be partaying! Oh, I mean - I's gonna be learning a lot!

See you puggies soon. Thanks, Emmitt for setting up this special learning weekend for us!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Great Pug Pedometer Experiment

Hey there. Harry's Mom here.

Today at work, they were giving out free pedometers to employees. I got one, wore it for a little bit but thought of a much better use for it. I'm going to track the pug's mobility while I'm at work! I call it the Great Pug Pedometer Experiment.

If you would like to join in, here's what you need:

A pedometer (this is just a cheapie, so I don't expect accurate results).

A collar - place the pedometer on the collar.

An unsuspecting, trusting pug. Place pedometer-clad collar on pug.

I suspect that Harry's movement after I leave for work every day consists of:

1. Hop on sofa
2. Climb to back of sofa and lie down.
3. Jump from nap spot upon hearing Mom's arrival home.

It may vary something like this:
1. Check to see if there's any food in bowl.
2. Hop on sofa
3. Climb to back of sofa and lie down.
4. Jump from nap spot upon hearing Mom's arrival home.

I may be surprised. He may travel 1,000s of paces while I'm at work. We'll see!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pugs on Parade

Hey there pugs and peoples! I's back! No more talking about Midi T. Kitty cause this blog is all about me! (although Mom says to tell you that Midi is doing good - she has a more normal water and peeing routine and she's taking her pills)

So, it looked likes it was a busy weekend for alls the puggies out there! Don't you just loves this time of year when our peoples start taking us more places!?! Saturday morning my friend J came over and Mom packed up a big bag o' stuffs for us and we took a car trip down to this place called Oak Mountain State Park. It's like 30 minutes or so from where we lives. They was having a pug party there! It was called Pugs on Parade and it was a fun raiser for Alabama Pug Rescue. Oh pug was it fun!

It was in this area that was right on the water and had lots of shade.

They had these funny games you could play. One had this big scary pug and you had to throw these bags in his big toothy mouth!

Then there was another giant pug but this one looked nice. You had to throw these big rings around him.

I gots kinda tired of walking around and went and stretched out on my blanket Mom brought us.

Yeah, I liked hanging out in the shade.

There were puggies there dressed up. Look at this cute little girl.

Lots of gettin to know each other.

Mom tried to take a picture of me and her while J was snoozing on the blanket. She's so silly!

That night we was exhausted! Mom left me to go to some concert but I gots to hang out with my friend J. We slepts on the sofa together until Mom got home.

Sunday we hads to go get the t-shirts ready for the Do Dah Day. I don't has pictures, but I spent ALL DAY with my boxer girlfriends Maggie and Laila. We hung out while the peoples folded all those shirts and then we wents to my favorite restaurant, Rojo and chilled while the peoples ate and had cold beers. They would not give me the beer, but I got a chippie or two!

Fun weekends all around I think. Hope you puggies all have fun weeks this week!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Midi!

Today is my sister Midi T. Kitty's birthday! She is 15 - by Mom's guestimation. I guess it's really Midi's "Foundya Day". Here's her story as told by Mom:

Fourteen years ago today, I was living in Mobile, Alabama with my BF at the time. We were out playing tennis on a really beautiful spring day and I heard a cat crying. My immediate thought was that the cat was trapped in a tree, so I went looking for it. It didn't take long to find her, she was trapped about four feet off the ground completely freaked out.

At first I thought something must be wrong with her because - otherwise she would just jump down, right? It's not like she was 10 feet in the air. So, my brilliant BF thought that if he poked at her with the tennis racket she would jump down. Nope. She climbed higher. I think it's important to mention at this point that the BF was highly allergic to cats so he didn't really know much about them.

Anyway, I said "Maybe we should call the fire department". So, BF went in and called the fire department while I talked to the cat and tried to coax her down. BF came out a short time later with garden gloves and the news that the fire department doesn't really rescue cats from trees.

Now the kitty's fate was in my hands, so I climbed the tree, picked her up and handed her down to garden-gloved BF. Kitty stayed at the bottom of the tree looking at me - now stuck in the tree (I'm afraid of heights and had a real problem stepping backwards down the tree).

After I finally got down, we fed her some tuna and made an agreement that if I didn't find her people I could keep her - if she lived on the balcony (highly allergic BF). That's exactly what happened. She came to live with us, but since the balconey was no place for a cat 24/7, I asked my boss at the time if she could come to work with me. I was going to school and working part time at a recording studio. He said "Sure, if you name her something related to the studio." Dogwood Recording.. hmmmm. What do you name a cat who is going to work at Dogwood Recording?

MIDI - Musical instrument digital interface - Midi! So, she became Midi the Studio Kitty. She was in promotional materials, played all day in the studio, greeted all the customers, it was great.

My vet figured she was 10 months to a year when I found her, so we called it one year and set April 23rd as her birthday. She's been with me through so much. The very emotional breakup with that BF (and a few others), moving to Birmingham, moving to South Florida, moving back to Birmingham. She's always been there for me and she's unlike any cat I've ever known. She LOVES people and is very social. I'm so grateful to have had her in my life for this long and hope for many more great years with her.

So, Happy Birthday / Foundya Day / Gotcha Day Midi Kitty!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Midi Update

Hey there pugs and peoples! We finally gots some info from the vet about Midi. Looks like her thyroid is too active. So, the vet saids we has to gives her the medicines. Also, her kidney beans are a little less than perfects (unlike me) and she's gonna have to eats the special food.

Mom gave her a pill tonight hidden in a pill pocket and Midi ate it (BOL!!!! She's so gullyable!) She also got to eats some of the new food tonight. I tried to eat it to but Mom wouldn't let me.

Our friend Chewie is recovering at the vet where everybody loves him. He seems to be doing OK. Chewie and his brother Le Mops and their new sister's gots the new bloggie. Check 'em out!

Now, about me! Me and Mom's been sleeping a lot. She's got the allergics bringing her down and I just wants to show support.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Dunno Nothin!

Me and the Mom don't really haves any news to report. Mom has been calling the vet all day and this last time they said the computer had a crash and that's why they don't know what's wrong with Midi. Mom's irritated.

I don't knows much about the Chewie either. Here's what his peoples said this morning.

Due to an emergency, Chewie didn’t go into surgery until five. He came out of it fine tho, and is recovering drugged up in a little cage. We went to visit him and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth and his eyes were not blinking. It was so sad. He got a little excited so we couldn’t stay long. He’ll go onto oral pain meds tomorrow and should be a little more responsive. The doctor said he may be severly worse after surgery because of the cyst that was removed, but that hopefully his spinal cord will start to regenerate and he will recover…

So, maybe tomorrow we'll have more news. Midi was extra snuggly with Mom last night. She's milking all this and trying to take away all my attentions! I guess that's OK. I get lots of attentions.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, we don'ts have any real answers yet, but I's gonna tell you what I knows.

Mom came home early from work and put the Midi in a purse and left. She left me! At home! By myself! I couldn't believes it! I just stood looking at the door. That's where I was when she came back like hours later. (Yeah, first of all we weren't even gone an hour and I KNOW he didn't stand there the whole time - he's got a flare for the drama).

Ok - so Mom came back with the Midi and she saids that all they know is Midi does not have the dye-a-beasties. We gots to wait for the blood work to come back to know what is wrong. That'll be tomorrow. The doctor said it may just be that Midi's hyper and she has something wrong with her thigh. It's got a roid. Sounds icky! (She may have hyperthyroidism). So if that's it, Mom might have to take her to Atlanta and make her radioactive cat! I's scared!

We hasn't heard anything about Chewie, his bloggie doesn't have an update. But, they's in Seattle and Mom says they are two hours behind us. I think she's making that up. How can they reads my blog if they's always in a different time? Do they time travels to now to read what I says?

Later pugs.

Lots of Nail Chewing

Hey there pugs and peoples. I hopes you hads a great weekend, I knows I did! Yesterday I got to go to Rojo for lunch and then I wents to the kickball. It was lots of fun!

Today is kinda nervous-making. First I wants to ask everypuggie to send special thoughts to my friend Chewie. Chewie's having the surgery on his back today. I knows his brother Le Mops and his new sister Pansy/Lola pug are worried about him. Chewie's blog is one of the first ones me and my Mom read before we started mine.

Second, my sister Midi T. Kitty has a vet appointment this afternoon. Mom is worried cause she's lost weight and now she's showing some other signs that Mom says could mean there's something wrong with her kidney beans or maybe she has the diabeatsies. I dunno what that means, but Mom's not happy. So, I's gonna get left at home by myself for the first time ever this afternoon! I's not gonna like being alone.

So, that's all from us todays. We'll let you know what the Doc says about Midi. Hopefully it's all good cause her b-day/gotcha day is this week and we don't wants anything spoiling it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pubs & Pups!

It's beens a fun weekend so far. Well, Friday night my friend J came overs but he left with my Mom and did not take me. That wasn't too fun. Saturday was better.

First, me and Mom went and had a late lunch with a friend from Mom's work and somes small children (Mom's friend's grandkids). They's really cute kids and they gives me lots of treats!

After that we went to Generation Dog to see Catherine and all three of us wents down to this thing called Pubs & Pups. That's a funraiser for a doggie park and boy was it fun! There's this group called Bark for a Park that's raising money to make a dog park in Birmingham - we don'ts have a real dog park here. I know, we's living in the stone ages here! Mom found out yesterday that the city is not giving one penny towards this effort. Can you believes that? I may not pays taxes, but the people who take care of us doggies sure do!

Anyways, I's gonnna get off my soapbox and show you some piccies.

Ok, here's me and my Mom.

Here's my friend J making some other friends.

Here's my new friend Beauregard. Talk about getting caught in a compromising position!!

This cute little Westie was hoping for some chips and guacamole!

Bob the Great Pyrenees

This basset hound was loving the belly rubs!

Look at this cute little Yorkie! She hads a sister too! They had cute daddies who just moved here from Austin. We tolds them about Do Dah Day so we's hoping to see them again. (It's ok Rosie, Pearl, Clementine and Pumpkin - they's too young for me!)

OK, I's gotta go get ready for lunch at Rojo now! Catch you puggies and peoples later!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shhhh!!!! Don't tell Harry!

Harry's Mom here. The pug's birthday is coming up soon and I see this as the perfect opportunity to get him a new food dish (what could he like more, right?). I have to get him something heavy because his current metal bowl slides all over the floor. You pug parents know exactly what I'm talking about! I come home and it's on the other end of the kitchen - even though there's been no food in it since breakfast, well before I even left the house!

Of course I've found the perfect bowl, now I just have to pick the right design. So, I'm enlisting your help. Check out the pug designs on and then vote on the poll I've posted on the right. Harry will never notice the poll - he's too busy checking out his girlfriends when he's online ;-)

I'm looking at A28, A68, A30 and A61.

Thanks for the help and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Easter Weekend and B-TOT???

I knows y'all has been wondering "What did Harry do for Easter? What did Harry get for Easter?" You know Mom neglects me a lots during the week for that "job" thing. But I's got to give her credits cause she has been paying lots of attentions to me on the weekends.

This weekend, here's what we did. Saturday she took me to Generation Dog to get a baths. I got all fluffy and clean smelling and I gots treats! I did not know it at the times, but she was gettin me ready to go see my boxer girlfriends. I's not seen them in a while so this was very exciting! The peoples ate homemade lasagna that my auntie made and some yummy smelling peanutbutter cup cheesecake but they did not give the puggie any! Then we all played some Wii and danced in the disco and stuff. I was exhausted!

The next morning me and the Mom slept really late and then we went to brunch with our friend J. He loves me so much he got mom to take me to the park after brunch. There were lots of doggies at the park, but no puggies. It was still fun though.

Oh - and look what the Easter bunny brought me!!

Those pictures were takens after I had some of my treats. I gots a frog cookie and a cannoli (I loves cannoli) and I got a flossy! The easter bunny knows me so well!

Yesterday Mom was reading Pugs and Bugg's mom's facebook and learned something new. Apparently some puggies has a "B-TOT" (black tip of tail), so Mom was wondering if I do. I dunno... what do you think?

Hard to tell right? How about in my video??? I won't really let Mom get my tail much though. Notice at the end how frustrated I am with how hard I has to work for my treats and she's just obsessed with my tail??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm a monkey! I'm a Monkey Man!

Mom caught me in a compromising position this am. Some peoples just don't understands the special bond between me an Monkey.

Go finish getting ready for work, Mom. There's nothings to see here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is Fabulous ... and Grand!

I gots an award a few week or so ago and I was just gonna post it today. Then, I went to read my girlfriend Rosie's blog and she gaves me another one! So now I gots two awards to post. Both from my girl Rosie. She's so sweet!

First, she gave me this one:

The award rules say:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post rules on your blog.
3. Write five random things about yourself.
4. Tag random people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they've been tagged.

OK - Five random things about me.
1. My favorite spot while Mom is gone is the back of the sofa, cushion closes to the door.
2. So far the only food I don't like is celery.
3. Every morning when Mom goes to take her shower, I climb into my toy box to hang out with my stuffies.
4. When anyone comes over (and when Mom gets home from where she goes), I go get a stuffie so I'll have it with me when I greets them.
5. I get excited every time Mom says we's going to tinkle but I's really only exciting cause I get to go look for cat food on the porch.

I's gonna tag these puggies:
Clementine (cause I love learning more about her!)

I also got this grand piano from Rosie. Thank, Rosie!!!

Life really is grand for me. I's so lucky that those people at SEPRA rescued me and that they put me and my Mom together. That would be enough, but then I gots all these great new pugs and peoples in my life because of my bloggie. Thanks to alls of you!
I's gonna pass this along to some of you that has become really special to me:


Friday, April 3, 2009

New York, New York

You puggies and peoples heard about my trip to New York last weekend, right?!? Me and Rosie Marie went with some other doggies. Her friend Petey came ups with this great idea and it was so much funs!!!

Rosie and Petey showed lots of really fun pictures from us going out and dancing and dining and having a big time in the big apple! It was so much funs we renamed it the Big Biscuit!

I had never been to New York before, so I talked Rosie into making a special stop for me. My mom loves the Beatles, so we went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It was so pretty. See??

I bought Rosie this dress just for the trip - I liked her leaopard print dress so much I bought her one in pink! Woof!!!!

Quick Update

Hey there puggies and peoples! I just wants to check in and let everypuggie know I's OK. Me and Mom had to go out of town for a few days this week and that's throwed everythings off. We's back now and Mom's gonna try to find some time to help me update my bloggie.

Thanks for being patients with me. Something else is starting to take Mom's attentions away from me. Wonder what it is....

Snort at you later!