Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't Forget My Stuffies!!!

I gots to tell you that we's gonna be away from bloggerland for the next several days. Mom is moving us. Again.

Me and LuLu visited the new place a few times. It's ok, but I has to get used to these new stairs. They're scary!

Oh, and there's a cat. She comes to our back door and begs to come in. LuLu is afraid of her. I just pretend she's not there. Luckily she has a person, so Mom won't be getting any big ideas about adding another furkid to our family!

Wish us and luck and we's gonna be back soon!

Here's me and LuLu in the new kitchen, watching Mom clean.

We's probably gonna be doing lots of this instead of playing this weekend. Sigh. I just hope Mom remembers my stuffies.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday - Somebody Came To See Me!

Things are kindof crazy at my house these days! Mom keeps putting all our stuff in boxes and then she takes the boxes away. Last week Tubby and I found out where the boxes are going - to some other place Mom calls an "apartment". She says that's our new home but not to worry because she'll be there too. Harry says they did this same thing last year. I sure hope this doesn't happen every year!

Mom finally stopped all that crazy behavior on Sunday and swept up a lot of pug hair (Tubby hair is more like it!) because she said we were going to have a visitor. Sure enough, a few hours later somebody rang the doorbell. Harry and I barked and barked for Mom to open the door, and when she did it was Stubby's Mom!

Can you believe she came all the way to Alabama just to see me?!? She says she was in Georgia helping turtles, but I think that whole turtle thing was just an excuse to come see me. Tubby thinks she came to see him... but he thinks everything is about him.

We sat and visited for a while. I played hard to get while Harry had no shame and practically sat in Michele's lap! Michele finally got tired of having Harry ask for booty scratches, so we all went out for some dinner.

This was so exciting for me because it was my first trip to Rojo! There were lots of dogs there and everybody loved seeing me. And Tubby.

Since I was such a good girl, I got my very own chair.

I just love Rojo! Now, where's my margarita?

Tubby left our table hoping to find an easier mark for chips. Stubby's Mom wasn't falling for his "I'm starving" routine.

My silly Mom didn't get any pictures of us with Stubby's Mom, or even just pictures of her by herself! She blames the crazy box moving project for not being more "with it".

We were super-sad to see our new friend go, but we know Stubby was happy to be getting his Mom back!

The whole weekend made me really tired. This morning I tried to get in the bed with Harry. He wasn't willing to give me much room.

See?? What a bed-hog!

Until next Tuesday! Kisses from me, LuLu!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback Friday

My first stuffie

I stoled this stuffie from Midi. It was a boingy thing that was attached to the door knob, and I pulled it right off! I was so proud.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday

Hey everypuggie. It's Tallulah Tuesday! We missed a Tuesday, didn't we? You can blame Mom for that one.

So much has happened, where do I start? Oh yeah! My Gran-ma-ma came to see me. I had never had a Gran-ma-ma before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I put on my best dress (Thanks, Punchy!) so I would look my most cutest when she got there!

Of course she loved me... how could she not? I wasn't real sure what to make of her, so I played hard to get most of the weekend. I should admit to some typical pug behaviour... I was her best friend when she had a cinnamon roll!

After the Gran-ma-ma left, we got this great big box in the mail on Monday. Mom spent some time wrestling with what was in it and then we had this!

She took me and Tubby for a test ride in the house before we went on a real ride.

As you can see, Tubby hogged the front on our maiden voyage in the pugmobile. We took it to the Farmer's Market this weekend and boy were we popular! It was great too because in the pugmobile we're right at petting level!

Saturday Tubby had to go get a bath. I went with him so I could get treats at the spa too. Mom made new arrangements for us in the car. We are back-seat pugs now. It's not great but at least we have room to spread out. That front seat got a little crowded with both of us!

Hope all of you are having a good week. Until next Tuesday, kisses!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday

My first morning in my furever home. I wanted to sleeps in, but the Mama woked me up.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quiz Time and A Moment of Silence

Hey there puggies. It seems like we's getting a lot of sad news lately. Yesterday our friends over at The Pug Posse lost one of their own. Sweet Jasmine crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and left many broken hearts on this side. So, I's asking all my pug friends to observe a moment of silence with tails uncurled to honor Jasmine.

Thank you.

Now, I know Jasmine wouldn't want us to stay sad with our tails down forevers, so I's going to post my answers to my girlfriend Pearlie's quiz.

Name and Age:

Harry Pugalicious, 4
Tallulah Babygirlpug (aka LuLu), Two!


Bug, HarryPug, HarryBug, Boo, Harrison, Turdle, Doodlebug, Harry P.
Crazy, LuLubug, Lu,

Where'd ya come from?
Georgia, from Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption

Georgia, by way of Tennessee from Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption by way of Boston Terrier Rescue by way of a shelter (now you see why Mama calls me crazy! who wouldn't be with a history like that?)


Tiger! Froggie! Monkey! Go-Go-Rilla! My entire toybox and any other stuffie, especially if it's as big as me or bigger!

I like my chew bones.

Anything, but I really likes the cheese!

Anything, but Mom's careful because my tummy gets upset sometimes.

Human person:
Um, Mom.... but I loves the big mean roommate even though Mom says he's mean. Mom saids I's not going to see him anymore when we moves. That makes me sad.

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! and my foster Mom, she took really good care of me.


Worst habit:
Maybe sometimes I forgets to go poopie outsides because maybe I's worried I's gonna miss something going on inside? Then I poops in the house.

I like to run out the front door and sometimes I don't mind and come right back in.

Most embarrassing moment:
Not too longs ago, my girlfriend Libby was over and I was in my toybox with all my stuffies... and I got to close to one side and the whole toybox tumped over on me! That was really embarrassing!

The other day Mom put my Punchy dress on me and I was rolling around on the sofa cause it felt so good and I rolled right off!

Family dynamic (this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!)
I's the leader of the pack! I's the most snuggliest! LuLu is the naughty one!

I let Harry lead just to make him feel all man-puggy. I am super-cuddly, especially when we're in the big bed. Didn't you see how Harry admitted to pooping in the house? Who do YOU think the naughty one is?

The Pug Mom here.... LuLu really does follow Harry's lead when we're away from home or if it's a new situation. Otherwise she holds her own. Harry is the snuggliest - he's such a sweet boy, and the looks he gives make you want to squeeze him like a big pack of Charmin! LuLu is super-sweet too, especially at night. I think LuLu may have the potential to be the most naughty, she's sneaky and much more athletic than Harry!

Your humans' FAVORITE thing about you!:
My giant nose-wrinkle! My super-cute booty! My super-snuggly body and my love-everybody personality.

My velvety face (Mom says the area where my whiskers are is super-duper soft!) My snorts and grunts I make. My super-excitable love of life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday

Mom says she decideds to do a Flashback Friday for a couple of reasons.

1. She ran across this photo when looking for a good pic of me for some contest. Apparently the look the contest people were going for was a "caught in the act" kindof thing.

2. Mom bought a new outfit last night and said these shoes would have looked really good with it if some pug hadn't chewed one of the heels!

3. She can't believe I was ever this small! (Excuse me???!!!??)

In case you's wondering... that was taken in August of 2008. I was only 2! Hmmm.. LuLu is two now and she's tiny. Do you think she's gonna look like me in another two years?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Mom says we's gettin' our own wheels. Something about it being difficult to take both of us to places like the farmer's market and to restaurants by herself.

So, next week we should be getting this in the mail! Mom ordered the red cause the blue was sold out.

You thinks she's gone a little off the deep ends?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Paws on the Patio edition... Parkside Café for Hand In Paw fundraiser.