Friday, January 30, 2009

Freezing Friday

Hey there Pugs and Peoples! It's been a very cold couple of days for me and Mom and Midi T. Kitty. We didn't have any of the heat for TWO nights! Mom stayed home with us yesterday morning while the heater man came over but he couldn't fix our heater. He said the electrician man had to come fix it.

That man didn't come until this morning because we rents our apartment from a bunch of morons who have no sense of stuff being urgent even though we hads no heat and the temps were in the 20s last night. So, Mom was home with us again this morning while the other guy came to fix our heater.

Mom worked from home and me and the Midi did our best to keep her warm. She saids it's hard to type when there's a puggie in your lap with his chin on the laptop, but I dunno what she's talking about. She saids it's also hard when the Midi Kitty walks across the laptop and turns it off.

Mom is so uptight!

So, I had to try to get warm by getting in my toybox with my stuffies!

Keep me warm, Tiger and Snowman and Froggie and, ohhh I can't names you all. Just keep me warms!

Midi said she should be getting paid for working so hard on such a cold morning!

So, we gots the heats again and Mom went to work and left us. So, send us fun things to read 'cause we's bored.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Offensive womanbug award removed!

But, if there was a love award, I would have still given it to:

I's gonna give it to:
Chewie who loves his monkees!
Frances Louise who loves her new little sister.
Pearl who does not love clothes but clearly loves life!
Norman because he needs extra love today and he loves his Hootie.
And finally, Clementine. Clemmie loves Winston but can hopefully find some room for me :-)

Spread the love, puggies!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Mystery

Hello pugs and peoples! Hope everypuggie had a good weekend. I did. Mom and I cooked and chilled out watching the tv and slept late both days!

What did we cook? Well, I's gonna tell you but first I has a little message for Clementine.

Dear Clementine,

I thought abouts you all the weekend long. Here I am thinking about what you said on Saturday. The sweet, sweet fragrance of these Clementines helped me think.

I's so happy that you got to be home from the vet in times for the weekend. I's so happy that you's gonna be OK! Now I thinks Winston is a little too stuffy for you. I mean, look at him. He's always so serious looking! I knows, you's been with him a long time - but I thinks from time to time you maybe needs a distraction. You needs a fun, easy-going puggy. You needs a Pugalicious pug - Harry Pugalicious! No need to answers now - you just thinks about it! Oh, and I's ok with Winston 'cause I have lots of love to share and can't commit to one little puggie, not even one as cute as you! Anyways, I's all the way in Alabama, so I think we can only has an online romance anyway.

I hopes you got the good thoughts we sent - Mom made a cake in your honor. We's gonna send your Mom a write up about the Clementine Cake for a Friday! We also cooked some chicken and dumplings (I think cause you's cute as a dumpling!)

Now, let me tells you about the Monday mystery. Mom came home to visit me at lunch and we went out for the walkie. Every time we go outside, I runs over to the neighbor lady's house and looks to see if the cats left food for me. They's always got foods out there! Mom tells me "NO", but I do gets to have the foods the kitties drop out of the bowl.

So, after I checked the food bowl out, I went on my walks. In the yard next door there was this mystery bear! I dunno where he came from. Maybe he jumpeded from the 2nd story balcony. That's kinda what it looks like.

I checked to see if I knowed him.

I did not recognize him, so I sniffed his junk.

Still did not know who he is, so I decided to let him know this is MY neighborhood! (see what I's doin?!?!?!) snort!

When we went for walks after Mom came home from her job thingie, he was gone. I guess he got the message that I left on that bush!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Darling Clementine

Some of you may know about my little crush on Clementine. Or maybe I've been discreet enough that this is a big surprise. Either way, I am thinking about little Clementine a lot today. She's at the vet all day cause she was really sick last night.

Mom saw this recipe recently and said it immediately reminded her of Clemmie. Mom said it sounded good but now we's gonna make it for sure - to send even more sweet thoughts to Clementine, Winston and their Mom.

We's gonna let you know how it turns out. Clemmie's Mom, if it's good maybe you'll want to share it on the recipe exchange! (We probably won't make until the weekend cause Mom's a slacker on week nights!)

P.S. Pearl, I still thinks you're cute too. Mom says I has "commitment issues" which is why I hasn't asked anypug to be my girlfriend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

I just wants to congratulate President Obama. You gots a long, hard battle to fight but I'll be looking outs for you all the way!


Harry Pugalicious
Canine Citizen

P.S. Where's the first dog???

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New Toy Box

This weekend the FedEx man brought me something! First I didn't know what it was. Mom said it was my new toy box, but I didn't see how it was all that exciting. I mean, look at it.

It looks so ghetto compared to the toybox I've been using.

Then Mom opened the box and she was right - this toy box is pawesome!

Mom says Winston and the Stray has one of these and she's wanted to get me one for a while. She found a really good deal at and bought it for me! I loves my Mom!

This toy box is so big it holds ALL my toys and now I has rooms for more!!!!!

Here's me checking it out before Mom zipped it all up into a box.

Hope you puggies and peoples are having a good weekend. Mom's off tomorrow - yay!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Addendum to Wordless Wednesday

Everypuggie seems to think my candy cane chew chew is a banana. I likes the bananas, but Mom would never give me a whole one. It's just a chew chew.

Glad y'all liked my pics!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I know. I's been a bad puggy blogger. Blame it on my Mom. She wouldn't let me update of you pugs and peoples on my antics and adventures.

Before I gets started on that I wants to tell you about this fun contest thingie. I know some of you (Manicdote) loves to scrapbook - so this could be the thing for you. Plus it helps rescue puggies. It's the 2009 VALENTINE’S DAY SCRAPBOOK PAGE CONTEST - read more about it here: Looks like it helps out puggies in Milwaukee. I dunno where that is but there are pugs in need everywhere, right?!? Right!

I know you're all wondering about my holidays. Well, they were awesome! I went to my grandpawents house in Mobile. While I was there my uncle and grandpapa gave me lots of things to eat. My uncle is a sucker so I hung around him a lot! A few times my grandmama or grandpapa would try to pugnap me, but I would run back to my Mom's room and tell her. (Note from Harry's Mom: In the mornings, I would try to let my Mom take Harry for his walk so I didn't have to get up but he would run back to my room and look at me like "something's wrong here! they are trying to pugnap me!" One morning Mom made it outside with him but as soon as she put him down he ran back in the house and straight to my room. He's so silly).

I gots to open my presents when I was there, but we don't have pictures. They are on the other camera - the one that belongs to my grandpawents. I gots a candy cane chew chew and a snowman head (not to be confused with snowman that I got before Christmas). I also gots some cookies from Generation Dog.

Midi got some kitty treats and a snowman(but it's much smaller than my snowman!). Here's some pictures of her (you see how Mom is favoring her all of a sudden).

Me and the Midi have been getting along pretty good lately. She waits a little bit before hissing at me and trying to hit me when I tries to sit by her. So, it's all good.

I knows you wants to see more pictures of the puggie, so here are some pics of me on New Year's Day.

Mom kept me up too late waiting on her to get home New Year's Eve

Turn that light out, I's trying to sleep!

Hope you pugs and peoples are having a good year so far.