Monday, March 31, 2008

Do Dah Day approaches

Lately Mom's been talking more and more about this "Do Dah Day" thing. From what I can gather, it is some kind of GIANT party for dogs and cats that my Mom helps organize.

She showed me this video from last year but I ask you... where are the pugs?

(Note from Harry's Mom: Do Dah Day is May 17th and raises money for homeless animals in the Greater Birmingham area. Check it out at )

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I've freed myself from the bathroom closet just in time to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday. She says it's especially happy 'cause me and the Midi are here.

Here's me and Mom ... we left Midi at home the day we took this picture. Don't I look handsome in my sweater???

~Harry P.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Note from Midi

Hello, Midi T. Kitty here. I understand there are some people out there concerned about my well-being since this pug has invaded my home. So, I've locked that creature in the bathroom closet (not hard to do, he gets himself stuck in there all the time) and I've taken over his blog.

To all of you who are worried about me, I'm okay. I maintain my status as queen of the house, even though I do have to put up with him. I see him as my court jester. He's a bit annoying but I use him for my amusement. Not to mention, the guilt that I'm now able to make my mom suffer results in many treats for me.

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and concern. Rest assured, Midi T. Kitty will not let a little pug stand in the way of her happiness.

Purrs and Kisses,


Friday, March 7, 2008

Don Quixote

Mom has started calling me this funny name, Don Kihotee, and I don't know why. She started doing it during one of our nightly walks around the block. That night, there was a mysterious object alongside my path. It was trying to disguise itself as one of the alley trash cans, but I recognized it for the monster that it was. So, I growled and walked very slowly, very low to the ground toward this monster/trash can. I was determined to let it know that I meant business and would not let it attack my Mom!

Mom must have been hysterical with fear because she was laughing as I crept toward the monster/trash can. The monster/trash can recognized me for the fierce pug that I am and stayed put as we walked by and did not attempt to follow.

Once we were safe and Mom gained hold of her senses, she called me Don Kihotee. I think this must be some brave hero who protected their Moms from monsters disguised as trash cans.