Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Days

Hey pugs and peoples. Things sure have been quiet around my house for the past few days. I guess Mom is recovering from her trip to New Orleans when she LEFT ME AT HOME! Not that I was upset or anything. A puggie needs a little peace and quiet sometimes. That's right, no big parties for me while Mom was gone (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

So, Mom gots home Sunday night and I was hiding from her. I had a very clever hiding place. I went in the bathroom closet and closeded the door behind me. It took her FOREVER to finds me! Honest, I went in there alls on my own. It was not Midi's idea. It was mines! So, when she finally founds me, she was REALLY happy to sees me. And I was happy too!

We slept like all day on Monday. Then my friend J came over and we all went to La Paz for Mexican food. I hads not been there before but it was lots of fun! Everybodys loved me there.

This week has been more sleepings. Well, work and sleepings. I think maybe Mom had too much fun in New Orleans. I should has been there to chaperone!

Mom says this weekend she's going to my hometown but I can'ts go. She's transporting a rescue puggie to his long-term foster home. His name is Frank. You can reads about him on SEPRA's website. I's OK with that. I would go, but Mom is all excited about going to the IKEA. I dunno what that means, but I hope it means treats for me!

Here's my smiling face cause I knows you's missed me!

Later, pugs and peoples!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I got a surprise in the mail recently... and it was from my beautiful Japanese Chin girlfriend, Pumpkin. She wanted to thanks me for supporting her walk for the Anti-Cruelty Society. I can't resist a girl who supports a good cause!

Anwyays... so she sent me some sushi! Not real sushi, cause that would have been difficult, but this special dried sushi for dogs. (See, Midi - it says it right there on the package "For Dogs" not "For cats!") It's pawesome! Look at the cute pug card she sent me too - isn't she sweet!?!

Thanks, Pumpkin - I loves my sushi!

In other news, my boxer girlfriends' people (my Auntie Jen and Uncle Rich) are getting married this weekend! So Mom and my friend J are heading to New Orleans for the weekend. You wants to know what's gonna happen to me? Am I gonna get to walks around the French Quarter and eat beignets??? NO! They's leaving me at home with Midi. Somebody come rescues me!!!!

Or... maybe, just maybe, this is the time to have a PARTAY!!!! Who's up for Partypalooza Part II????

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Payin' It Forward and My Brush with Royalty!

Hey pugs and peoples! I guess I gots to apolize again for Mom not helping me post. It was the Do Dah Day this weekend and she was really busy leading up to it. We started working on this post last week, but then she gots busy helping all those animals who don't have homes, so I guess I can forgives her.

First, I wants to tell you about a package I gots in the mail a couple of weeks ago. It was from my friend Rosie and her peoples. It was part of the Pay It Forward exchange. It came right around the time of my birthday and Mom got confused about who sent it and why (she gets my fawn girlfriends mixed up some times). If she had read the POSTCARD inside, it would have been obvious! Mom's kinda slow sometimes.

Anyways, for those of you who don't already know, the Pay It Forward exchange is fun and easy to play. Here is the concept...The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without expecting anything in return other than that the recipient will, in their turn, pass the kindness along and 'pay it forward' in their own way.

So here is how it works...The first 3 people who comment on this post and want to play, please email me your mailing address so that I may send you a surprise.

Then all you do is post a Pay It Forward Exchange on your blog, link back to me, and send the first 3 people to comment on your post a little surprise. It does not have to be expensive, store bought or even handmade. It can be whatever you want to send to make someone smile.

I knows you wants to see what Rosie sent me, so here it is:

I got treats, lots of treats! And a toy!

And I gots this cool shirt! It's says "Stud Muffin" - yeah, that's right!

Mom got this really cute change purse she can put my treats in and that funny magnet that looks like a foot. It's got sand in the toes! Those two things are from Rosie's peoples' trip to Punta Cana. (See the postcard Mom didn't notice for like a week?)

Thanks, Rosie and her peoples! We can't wait to pay it forward!

So, in other big news, I met royalty!!! Do Dah Day royalty! Every year, Do Dah Day crowns a king and queen (of the pet variety and the human variety). I went to the park last week to see the crowing of the pet king and queen and met all kinds of nice doggies!

See the white doggie? Her name is Pink and she's a Great Dane puppy. I's gonna go ahead and tell you that her big brother Blue (and he is BIG), who is also a Great Dane, won King. But, I gots no pictures of him or the queen. Cause I was a little smitten with Pink.

And she was a little smitten with me!

Oh, did I mention she can't hear anything? How can you not loves her?

Well, that's all for now. Here's one more piccie of me at the park. Hope you all has a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Celebration - Part III

Hey there pugs and peoples. Sorry I's not updating when I said I would. Mom was "sick" Saturday morning and slept forever. That's what she gets for leaving the pug at home on a Friday night - if I had been there I wouldn't have let her have that last mojito!

So, anyways... here's more of my birthday.

Mom gots me this pawesome new food bowl. She ordered it from Emmitt's mom (with help picking out the design from my bloggie friends!).

See, it has a puggie on it like me - AND it has my name on it!

Now Midi will know it's MY food, not hers!

Mom put some treats in it she bought at Generation Dog.

I loves my new bowl AND my treats!

What's that, Mom? That's it? No more?!?! ::SIGH::

Mom says I's told you everything about my birthday. Well, there's always next year! Thanks again to all of you bloggie friends who made this birthday extra special. I's so lucky to know yous!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Birthday - Part II

I hopes you all want to hear more about my birthday, cause I just can't stops barking about it!

After we opened my present from Clementine and Mom got "ready", we went to my favorite store in the whole world. Generation Dog! Here's me in the car looking forward to my big day out and about.

When we got to Generation Dog, Ms. Catherine gave me a t-shirt for my birthday. It says "Got Treats?"

Needless to say, I immediately took advantage and let my shirt work for me.

I was having a great time at Generation Dog and then all of a sudden I was being taken to the back for a bath! I's OK with having a bath, but this was a big surprise. You can sees me letting Mom know I wasn't too happy about being blindsided likes that!

After my surprise bath, we had some other errands to run. I was pooped!

We went to the Humane Society to drop off some stuff for the Do Dah Day, then we went home and got ready for my partay! Mom and Mr. J took me to Jackson's Bar & Bistro. It's one of my favorite restaurants cause they gots a big patio and they loves me there!

Yay! Jacksons!

My auntie and uncle came. They's my boxer girlfriends' pawrents.

My friend Catherine from Generation Dog came too!

Here's me and Maggie.

Here's Laila... she was focused on seeing where her Dad had gone.

Me and my Mom. She loves me so.

At the end of the night I was really tireds. I didn't really haves a margarita, but I think I probably did looks like it!

Tune in for more tomorrow!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Birthday - Part I

Hey there pugs and peoples! I gots lots of updating to do!

I's been so busy with Partypalooza 2009 and my birthday and then Mom wouldn't help me post cause she had to go watch the criminals. This month has been crazy!

So, I hads so much going on that I's gonna have to tell you alls about my birthday in parts. Today I wants to tell you about my presents. Well, some of my presents.

Friday Mom got home and found this waiting outside the door.

A present from Clementine!!!!

I said "Pleaaaazzeeeee let me opens it!" Mom said "It's not your birthday yet". I was sad.

Saturday morning I gots up and I ran straight to my present and asked to open it. This is what I found:

See the cute drawing on the envelope? I think Clementine's Mom must be really talenteds!

Look, Clementine gave me a phone so I can calls her whenever I want to hear her sweet little snorts. I got treats too! YUM!!!!

And then there was this! I's gonna hang that by my bed :-)

Look at all these great presents! Do you sees the card? Do you thinks Clemmie's Mom made that? It's so cute!

Thanks, Clementine!!!! I loves my prezzies!

I also wants to thank Pearlie-poo and Rosie for sending me bloggie birthday wishes!

Monday, May 4, 2009

12 Angry Pugs

Hey there pugs and peoples. I just wants to tell you that I's sorry for being a little neglectful on my postings. I wants to tell you all about my birthday (including some special packages I recently got from the mail lady). But, Mom won't helps me. She says she has to go sit in a big room with lots of people all day and then go sit in smaller rooms with fewer people while lawyers make deals with criminals. I dunno, she says it's called "Jury Duty".

So, I's saying boo to that! We'll post as soon as she's not so tired and can find some time for me, Harry Pugalicious.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey there, pugs and peoples! I's partaying like it's my birthday! Cause it is!!! Well, it's tomorrow - but still!

Emmitt was nice enough to invite a bunch of us over for Partypalooza 2009. It is quite the partay scene! I gots some pics here of some of us hitting the town.

We found this great bar called "The Pug"! (What's that, Pearlie-poo?) Oh, right. It was "The Bulldog", but you know it was "The Pug" by the times we left!

S-Dog and Emmitt enjoyed some pool. Looks like Salinger is a little miffed. Emmitt seems to be doings the victory dance on the table!

Me and Pearlie found a quiet place in the bar to chill and catch up. It's been a while since our last date, ya know!

Ok, I's gotta go. Emmitt is bringing out the meatloaf!