Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays!

We know it's been a really long times since we's said hello to all of you. We's gonna try to be better next year.

Until then - Happy Holidays! Love - Harry, LuLu and Sazerac

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - Girls' Day Out

A lot has been going on in my home. I got this new baby - and he's growing fast! He's also kinda becoming a pain. Now he jumps on my head and tries to play with me whenever he wants. Even when I'm trying to sleep!

Mom knew I needed a break so last weekend she took me for a very special treat. First, let me mention that Harry was going to the spa for a de-stinking and an "expresso". So while he was doing that, me and Mom went across the street for some yogurt!!!

I'll have strawberry and vanilla, please.

Oh, and can you throw in some graham cracker crumbs? Thanks!


Any of you have special treats lately? If not, these yogurt places are popping up like prairie dogs all over the place! I suggest your people take you there post-haste!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - My Kitten!

I know my big brother already spilled the beans, but I have a kitten!!!!

His name is Sazerac Six-toes (cause he has six toes on his front paws) and he's all mine! Tomorrow will be three weeks since he came to live with me. He loves it when I play with him - and I love to play with him!

Here's some video of us playing.

He also loves to snuggle with me and sometimes he even tries to give me a bath! I know, that's kinda silly but I guess he thinks I'm his Mama or something.

I hope you're all having a good week and I really recommend getting a kitten if you don't already have one. They're lots of fun!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Me and Sazerac

Me and my new little brother played last night. He's not so bads.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Harry Pugalicious Day!!!!

Hi there pugs and peoples!! I's sorry for not being arounds so much lately. Normally I would blame the Momma and tell you to give hers a hard time, but today I just can't do that. Today is a very special day. Today is the day that the Momma adopted me! That's right, it's my Gotcha Day!!!!

Four years ago today the Momma drove to Atlanta and picked me up from my foster mom. Can you believes it's been that long? Just look at how things have changed.

Here's me right after I got in the Momma's car for the first time. All 19 lbs. of me!

I was pretty happy about having a new Mom!

This is me on my one-year Gotcha Day!

This is me on my two-year Gotcha Day! That's Go-go-rilla with me! Mom gave him to me for my Gotcha Day.

This is me last year. 3 years! I's looking kinda tired, huh?

Now you see why.... I was having to deal with the LuLu bug.

This was me this morning. 4 years today!!!! I's just waking up so I's kinda sleepy.

PLUS, I has another sibling to deal with! He's cool though... his name is Sazerac Six-toes. LuLu goes bonkers over him, which means she's leaving me alone!

Happy Monday my furry friends. I hopes you has a great day!

Friday, July 8, 2011

We Will Miss You, Sweet Girl

Our wonderful pug community has another angel to watch over us. Sweet Lilo, you will be missed by all who knew you. Lilo's Mom, we love you and are here for you.

Miss Lilo the day we met her in the fur.

She was dressed as Mini Pearl for the Indy Pug Meetup... and she won the costume contest! We will value the time we spent with you that weekend forever.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - Tissue!!

I found some tissue on the floor yesterday!

Mom kept taking it away :-(

(Note from LuLu's mom... if you listen closely, especially at the end, you can hear LuLu's little puggy-piggy snorts!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday

Harry's first morning with me.

Some time during the first week or two.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday, Harry Pugalicious (that's me!)! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Guess what today is! That's right! It's my birthday! I'm 5 years old today.

I know you're wondering what the Momma and the LuLu bug gots me for my big day. Well, I's not seen any presents yet, but we did haves a big party last night.

Me and LuLu bug and the Momma went over to Lillian's house for a cook-out. Lillian (aka Lily) was celebrating because today is her last "take it easy" day. This should be her last "bad" day from her heartworm treatment. So, in a way it's her birthday too!

Doesn't this cute girl deserve a life withouts medicines and being sick?

She's such a cute, sweet girl. The Momma loves her. I think she's pretty neat too. LuLu bug is a little jealous, but I says give her some time.

I didn't gets to tell you about our last visit to our friends' house for Easter, so I's kinda combined both visits. There were 5 pugs, a chug and a Pekingese! Mom tried to get pictures of everyone, but some of them were camera shy.

Here's Ernie. He's a Pekingese.

For some reason he likes to lay in between things. Maybe it's so Goldie (the chug) won't attack him all the time. She LOVES to play and sometimes Ernie is not in the moods.

THIS little guy is Louie. Louie is my buddy, my pal, my sidekick. He's really cool. He was there both visits, but he doesn't live at "the compound". He lives across the street with his Daddies, a Rottweiler and two Weimaraners. He says he rules the house though.

Mom thinks he looks a little like me with all his wrinkles. I's not sure.. do you see a resemblance?

Louie has his summer cut going on. The Momma is thinking about making me get one of those. I's gonna put my paw down on that one!

Me and the LuLu bug sat with the Momma a lot. I played with Goldie and Louie a lot, but I didn't want the Momma to get lonely.

You wants to know the best part of last night's party was??? Hamburgers! The peoples ate hamburgers and then all of us pugs/chugs/flat-nosed dogs got to eat the hamburgers! They were deliciousness!!

I's hoping you all had a good weekend.

And on a sidenote:
S-Dog, it's time to start weening yourself off the pain meds dude. Just sayin....

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Pugs are Alright

Hey there pugs and peoples. I wants to let you all know that me and the LuLu are safe and unharmed. The big mean tornado turned came a little too close for our comfort, but while we were in the icky, scary basement it turned and went away from us.

Lots of peoples and animals weren't so lucky. If you want to help the animals, please go to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and read about what they are doing to help cats, dogs and even horses. They could use donations if you want to give. If you want to help the peoples, you can donate through the Red Cross.

Thanks and stay safe!

Harry P.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Lily

Happy Easter pugs and peoples! Today we's gonna introduce you to a very special pug. Easter and Spring are all about re-birth and new starts, so today seems like the best time for all of us to get to know Lillian. Lillian is a cute little rescue pug who has found her furever and is currently going through heartworm treatment.

We's excited because we get to meets her in pugson for the first time this afternoon. Me and the Mom and the LuLu bug are going to have Easter dinner with Lillian and her family.

Stop by her blog and say "hi" to her and wish her a very easy recovery.

Hope you all my pug peeps got lots of Peeps today!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Separated at Birth?

Mom, do I has a brother named Pork Chop? Cause he sure looks like me!

Harry's Mom here.

Meet Pork Chop (top picture). He's a SEPRA pug looking for his furever home. You know he's stolen my heart because he reminds me so much of Harry! Don't everyone rush out and apply for him hoping you too can have a pug like Harry... he's got an application out right now and we're hopeful he'll be in his furever hom soon!

I just had to share because he looks so much like my baby boy :-)

Of course, if you or someone you know is looking for a pug - check out SEPRA!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - Framed!

I have some very disturbing news to tell you. I was set up this weekend. Accused of something I didn't do. Framed!

I don't know how all of that tissue got all over the floor.


I suspect Tubby is behind this...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - Vogue

Do you know that Mom had Tubby's first professional photoshoot done within the first three months she had him?!?! Do you know he's had TWO professional photoshoots?

Do you know how many I've had - and let me remind you that I've been around for over a year now.

None. Zero. Zilch.

Well, until a few weeks ago.

Mom took us to this great pet store called Freek on a Leesh because they were hosting a fundraiser for Alabama Pug Rescue.

They have lots of fun toys and yummy treats, a do-it-yourself bath (yuck!) and a photography studio!!!

So, Mom let me have my first professional photo shoot.

I have to say, I can work a feather boa...

I think this is definitely my good side.

Okay, I let Tubby have some lens time too. I'm nice that way.

I hope you're all having a great week! Hugs and kisses - I promise not to forget you when I get discovered and become a big star!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring = Pug Fun!

Hey there, pugs and peoples. I know we's not been around much lately, but we have been ups to some pretty fun stuff. I guess now that Spring is here we's gonna get to do more stuff with the Momma.

I's thinking Kitty & Coco probably already tolds you about our big Saturday, but I's gonna give you the Pugalicious scoop... the real poop as it were.

Last year me and the LuLu bug went to this thing called Paws in the Garden. For some crazy reason this garden place only lets dogs come in one day a year - so it's a REALLY BIG DEAL! We went again this year and this time we saw Kitty & Coco there and their peoples. That made it even more fun than last year!

(Mom tried to get pics of Kitty & Coco but they aren't real easy to take pictures of)

We met lots of other pugs there.

And we met lots of non-pugs.

This guy was some kind of mastiff/boxer mix. He was really big and sweet. I thinks LuLu had a little crush on him. I thinks she likes big mutts.

And she can not lie....

I knows, who am I kidding? I likes them too!

The best thing about Paws in the Garden? Treats!

Mom said she was happy to finally get a pic of my booty rolls. Sheesh, Mom!

After the garden thing, our peoples took us to a doggie park. The park was really fun and had all these weird things that the peoples called an agility course.

Pugs and Bostons doing agility?!?!

We gaves it a shot!

I's trying to get Coco to come withs me.

Kitty's Mom tried the old "chase the ball" trick.

We even went through this scary tunnel thing.

Well, some of us did.... LuLu chickened out.

I's hoping everypuggy is having a good Spring. I's also sending a big shout out to Archie and Tiffy - the newest bloggie members. Welcome pugs!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - Piggy

So, we went to this fundraiser for Alabama Pug Rescue on Saturday and Mom bought Tubby a stuffed piggy (how appropriate, right?!?!) Well, I am tired of being neglected pug! So, I took what I thought was rightfully mine!

Tubby has enough stuffies!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday - LuLu

This Sunday is LuLu's 1 Year Gotch Day Anniversary! So, we's gonna post some early LuLu pics.

You've come a long way, Babygirlpug!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tallulah Tuesday - PJs!

Oohhhh, I'm so excited! I got a package in the mail today from Punchy! Ok, Tubby and I got a package in the mail today from Punchy. Mom took our measurements not too long ago, and thank goodness all the cheese we've been eating lately didn't mess them up because those measurements were so we could have PJs made!

Check 'em out!

Now I can be just like my BFF, Pearlie!

Even Tubby looks kinda cute in his PJs.

Yawn! I think it's time to nap-test these PJs!