Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally! A New Blog Post!

Hey there puggies and peoples. I know it's been a long time since we's blogged anything. Mom was "busy" and didn't have times for us puggies. Luckily she got finished with her big project just before the SPCA stepped in.

Since it's been so long, I's gonna try and update you on just the big stuffs. Today we'll talk about our Thanksgiving and the rest of last month.

Mom packed us up in the car and took us to our Grandpawents' house for the big turkey day. LuLu had never been there before, so she was super-excited for about the first hour of the four-hour car ride. I kept tellings her to just go to sleep but she kept looking into the front of the car saying "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Finally Mom let her sit up front and that calmed her down. A little.

I stayed in the back - me and Tiger slept as much as we could.

We hads lots of fun with our grandpawents and our uncle. The peoples had a turducken instead of just a plain old turkey. That's when a turkey has a duck in it and the duck has a chicken in it. Me and LuLu had bites of it and it was yummy!

After we got back home LuLu got a package in the mail from Emmitt and his Mom. I smelled it and got really exciteds but there wasn't anything for me. Can you believes it? I's so neglected!

This is what the LuLu got. It's a sweater vest. Yeah, yeah. She's sooo cute.

LuLu also got a new collar from Generation Dog. She says I already haves two Christmas collars, but I still says I's neglected.

I hopes you's all having good holidays. We's gonna try to update you more tomorrow. We's had lots of adventures since Mom stopped working all the time!