Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally! A New Blog Post!

Hey there puggies and peoples. I know it's been a long time since we's blogged anything. Mom was "busy" and didn't have times for us puggies. Luckily she got finished with her big project just before the SPCA stepped in.

Since it's been so long, I's gonna try and update you on just the big stuffs. Today we'll talk about our Thanksgiving and the rest of last month.

Mom packed us up in the car and took us to our Grandpawents' house for the big turkey day. LuLu had never been there before, so she was super-excited for about the first hour of the four-hour car ride. I kept tellings her to just go to sleep but she kept looking into the front of the car saying "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Finally Mom let her sit up front and that calmed her down. A little.

I stayed in the back - me and Tiger slept as much as we could.

We hads lots of fun with our grandpawents and our uncle. The peoples had a turducken instead of just a plain old turkey. That's when a turkey has a duck in it and the duck has a chicken in it. Me and LuLu had bites of it and it was yummy!

After we got back home LuLu got a package in the mail from Emmitt and his Mom. I smelled it and got really exciteds but there wasn't anything for me. Can you believes it? I's so neglected!

This is what the LuLu got. It's a sweater vest. Yeah, yeah. She's sooo cute.

LuLu also got a new collar from Generation Dog. She says I already haves two Christmas collars, but I still says I's neglected.

I hopes you's all having good holidays. We's gonna try to update you more tomorrow. We's had lots of adventures since Mom stopped working all the time!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Farewell, Sweet Betty

The sky is crying here in Alabama because it heard that sweet Betty of the Smush Faces crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We are so sad and send lots of supportive thoughts to Betty's family.

Far too many of our blogger buddies have gone before Betty. We hope she has met them across the bridge and that they are all running free together.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - sort of

If you talks to the Mom, you tell her she can talk to the booty. Me and the LuLu are not happy with her. No bloggie posts, we can't get around to visits all of you.

She keeps saying stuff about work and stress and "Look, the stress gave me a fever blister!" Me and the LuLu are not impressed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Howl-o-Ween Fun

The Momma took me and the LuLu bug to a party the other night. It was a Howl-o-ween party, but for once she didn't make us dress ups. I's wondering about this. When it was just me, I always had to put on a silly costume for Howl-o-ween. But now? Now that LuLu is here? No costumes.

Anypuggie out there know what that's abouts? The Momma says she's "too busy" with works and stuff. Whatever. I's not complaining!

Just so you all knows just how spoiled the LuLu bug is, she gots to sit in a chair at the table the whole night!

But me? I hads to beg for those yummy homemade organic treats from the ground! Like a dog!

The Momma eventually gaves in and let me sit at the table too. See, I knows how to behaves too!

Me and the LuLu are wishings you all the best Howloween ever! We's headed to our Pugfest tomorrow. Hope you gets lots of treats and don't have to do too many tricks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday - Pugs 'n Pumpkins!

Hello there, friends! I have the most exciting thing to tell you about! Mom took me and Tubby to a big party for pugs this weekend! This was my first time to go to something like this. I've never seen so many pugs! It was called Pugs 'n Pumpkins and it was a fundraiser for Alabama Pug Rescue.

That's not where me and Tubby were adopted from, but we like to help pugs from all over because there are still too many of us who need good homes. Am I right?

So, Tubby says he's been to this thing before and he just slept all the way out to Oak Mountain State Park. But me? No way was I sleeping! I was looking out windows and making sure Mom didn't forget I was in the backseat and waking up Tubby the whole way there!

Me and Mom got our picture together so we could always remember my first pug rescue event. Luckily we brought our own photographer person who has a much better camera than we do.

We walked around for a while, looking at all the rescue pugs that need homes and shopping for pug items. Then we settled down on our blanket for a while.

Yeah, Tubby thinks he's kind of the forest or something...

Of course, what he really is is bad.

Mom packed treats for us and Tubby kept pulling everything out of her bag to try to get them. I kept my guard up so I wouldn't get blamed.

We ran into some great friends while we were there! Kitty and Coco!

Us girls got our picture made together. You wouldn't believe how long that took! I don't know why the humans want all of us looking in exactly the same place for a picture. Boring! Mom took our pic from the back while Kitty & Coco's mom was trying to get a good shot of all of us.

We made some new friends too! This is Harry's new friend.

His name is Chunk and he's from a rescue too. He has a bulldog sister, a french bulldog sister and TWO pug siblings! His house must be lots of fun!

I think maybe Harry was a little jealous of meeting someone more wrinkly than him. I had trouble calling him Tubby after seeing Chunk!

After a long day, I think Harry did a good job of showing how we all felt. We left soon after this was taken. Once we got home, we just snoozed on the sofa all night!

I hope all of you pugs had a great weekend too. Mom says this coming weekend is going to be even more exciting! Can you imagine?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Care Package!

As some of you puggies may know, me and the LuLu bug were supposed to go visits a lot of our pug pals a few weeks ago in Indy - home of Salinger, the Pug Posse and other wonderful pugs and peoples. Not only would we visits with our Indy friends, but other pug peoples from around the world were coming! Well, parts of the U.S. and Canada.. but still!

Our wonderful pugcation was cancelled since the Momma got sick. Me and the LuLu were really sad. The Momma was sad too, but we enjoyed readings all the blogs about the wonderful pug weekend that we missed out on.

To make up for our not getting to go, S-Dog's Mom sent us a wonderful care package! We gots little treat bags with pug pizzas and the Momma got cookies and there were all kinds of fun things in the package!

The Momma took a video of me openings it.

She thinks it's "sooo cute" that LuLu popped up when she did. Yeah, I guess maybe LuLu does have a future in showbiz.

Thanks again, Auntie Laura and S-Dog!!! Me and the LuLu bug love the pizzas!

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Pugs + 2 Pugs = Busy Weekend!

All I can says is "What a weekend!" You pugs and peoples won't believes what the Momma did to us.

Everythings started out pretty good. We gots up on the Saturday and went to the Farmer's Market. There were lots of pupmkins and foodables. We even saw our friends Kitty and Coco there! After walking arounds the market for a while (and not getting any foodables), we went to Generation Dog to visit and so I could play shop dog for a while. We had lots of the fun there. We saw a pug friend Greta and met her new brother Ernie - he's some kinda fuzzy smushy faced dog. Greta and Ernie were getting baths - me and the LuLu didn't have to. ::Snort!::

After that the day started getting kinda weird. The Momma took us home and after some really good stuff that we's gonna blog about later, she left us. Well, that's normal enough. What's not normal is what happened when she came home. She came in the door with this.

And this!

That first pug is named Hayden. The other pug is Cora. Me and LuLu were not really happy about this especially since Hayden and Cora didn't come with any of their own peoples. We figured they thought our Mom was their person. Well, then the Momma explained some stuff to us.

Hayden and Cora are both rescue pugs from SEPRA. They were on their way to a foster home in Mobile from Missouri. Hayden is five and she's spent her life in a puppy mill having little pug babies. Ms. Cora is a 9 year old gal who was surrendered by her family.

So, that made me and the LuLu feel a little better, but we still kepts our eyes on them!

(LuLu, you watch the little one. I's keeping my eyes on the old gal!)

Cora made herself right at home. She even gots in my spot on the sofa!

She was kinda bossy, but Hayden really loved her and Cora looked out for Hayden.

Me and Cora got along ok as long as she wasn't bossing me or trying to get my treats.

You's gonna notice that LuLu's not in many of the pictures. That's cause she was glued to the Momma! Here's me and Hayden and LuLu on the sofa with Mom. Hayden was asleep by now but until she conked out she loved watching the TV! Mom said Criminal Minds probably wasn't the best show for her to be watching though. Good thing she was tired!

The Momma really fell in love with these two. She thinks Cora may have a home lined up but if you knows anybody looking for a really sweet pug, tell them about Hayden. She'll probably be on the SEPRA site soon. She was super sweet!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday

Just a day in the park, May 2009

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Odd Couple

The Momma says me and LuLu are an odd couple of pugs. What's that Momma? Oh, no we's just an odd couple. I's not sure why she says that but she's gonna offer up some photogenic, I mean photographic, evidences.

When the door to the veranda is open, LuLu likes to do this.

LuLu bug even does that when the Momma is eating lunch! Of course she comes back in to check on foodables being dropped, but she prefers her patch of sun.

I, on the other paw, would much rathers be here.

Even if the Momma goes out on the veranda with LuLu, I stays right here in the living room. You just never knows when somebody could come through the front door and offer me foodables.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mom's Cheating on Us!

We's tattle tailing on Tuesday! Mom started her own blog! Can you believes it?? We took a peek at it and all we can says is we hope this new goal of hers doesn't have any trickle-down effects on us pugs.

Mom says she loves all of you so much and values your advice on things, so she said we could tell you where to find "her" blog.

Hope Mom can still find times to keep up our blog! You pugs and peoples should probably tell her not to neglects us or we might just pack our bags and head to Indy or Okie or some place like that!

Friday, October 8, 2010

What We've Been Doing

Hey there pugs and peoples. Me and the LuLu haven't been doing the bloggings too much lately, but don't blame us. I thinks you know who to blame. (Her name is the Momma!)

I's gonna start today by sayings what we hasn't been doings. We hasn't been taking big, fun trips to visit our pug friends. We hasn't been going to pug weddings and eating pug cakes and having great times and meeting new pugs nose to tails.

Nooo, we hasn't been doings any of that because while all the other pugs were doings that, this is what we were doings.

That's right, while so many of our pug blogger friends were getting together and havings the fun, we were nursing our Mom back to health. She was too sick to take us to where all the fun was happenings.

She's all better now, but it's too late. LuLu and I are plotting our escape. We's gonna go get Pearlie-poo and we's all moving to Indy so we don't haves to rely on the Momma.

Maybe the Momma tried to make this ups to us. She took us to the new Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham. It was a nice sunny day. I approves of the park.

LuLu said she approves too.

After a lot of sitting around, watching the peoples and other dogs, we made our way home. For some reason me and the LuLu actually gots to ride up front. You should notes that this dog bed/car seat was supposed to be my seat to Indy. I's just sayin...

The Momma had lots of times to just look around on Etsy while she was sick and she bought the LuLu bug a new collar. I was all exciteds when it came because the nice lady who made it sent me a treat!

Yeah, I guesses she sent one for LuLu too. Anyways, here's her new "Fall" collar.

She really does do good work as a collar model. I wonder if I can get her some gigs. I gets 10% - at least that's what Menace tells me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey there pugs and peoples! What a weekend I hads! Farmer's Market, football, a Russian who claimed to be French and some naps here and there.

I guess the weekend really gots started Thursday night when we went to visit a friend of the Momma's. Her friend has a really short and really long dog called a dachshund. I calls her Lucy, but Mom says she's a dachshund. She's not very nice to me and the LuLu but I still eats her food. I's not afraid of anything - especially not when it's shorter than me. Well, unless it's a puppy. Puppies are scary.

Friday night we stayed at home and watched the TV which I loves to do. We hads to rest up for Saturday. Saturday means Farmer's Market. And Farmer's Market means lots of petting and ooohhing and aaahhing over me!

Me and LuLu were ready to go!

I wanted to be the first pug out of the car so I sats on my stroller on the driver to the market.

I likes to get right on the edge of our pugmobile so people don't misss me and they can easily reach over and pets me. LuLu says I's hogging the attention, but I's just protecting her since she's so shy.

Later that day we wents to the pug lady's house across the street from us. She has a bunch of rescue pugs and some foster pugs. There was a meeting over there to talk about Alabama Pug Rescue's Pug 'n Pumpkins event coming up in a few weeks.

I hopes this means I gets to go!

There was a non-pug there hanging out with the pugs and pug peoples. His name was Boris. I's thinking he's Russian, right? Well, he says he's French. Uh-huh. Mom had troubles getting a good pic of him but she kept going on and on and on about how cute he was.

He's a year old and he says he's a French bulldog. I's not sure. I think he's a Russian frog.

How abouts you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday ...

It's Tallulah Tuesday but I don't have much to say. Me and Harry had a pretty normal weekend. Lots of naps. Lots of time alone. Mom went out without us both weekend nights! She did have the decency to stay home on Sunday night at least.

I guess to make up for abandoning us so much, she took us to the farmer's market. We got lots of treats and lots of attention and we met these two puppies!

Their names are Oscar and we can't remember the girl's name, maybe Zoe? Anyway - they're boxers. Aren't they cute?!?

Mom cleaned my blanket on Sunday and then Tubby sat on it with me. Here we are looking innocent waiting on Mom to say it's OK for us to have our chew chews. (wink wink)

Last night, guess what we did.

Yep, we watched the Saints beat the 49ers. To be honest, it was really stressful so I went to bed while Harry and Mom watched. I don't need any grey furs popping up due to football stress!

Smooches from LuLu!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The LuLu Contract

Hey there puggies. As you know, Tallulah Tuesday was cancelled for a special announcement. Our friend Howie P. was going through a rough time and we wanted to let everyone know to think really pawsitive thoughts for him. Howie, we hope you're feeling better. Smooches!

So, some things happened tonight that made me have to remind Mom about some things we agreed to early in our relationship. I think maybe I need some witnesses, so I present to all of you:

The LuLu Contract

As a LuLu I have permission to do any of the following* without question:

Jump off the sofa anytime my Momma gets up.
Bark, and I do mean BARK at anyone and anything - anytime I want to.
Scratch at the door and bark whenever Mom leaves and doesn't take me.
Scratch at the door and whine when Mom comes home.
Become obsessed with cute boy dogs I meet. Especially if he is a red doberman named Leo.
Get jealous of my brother for any reason.
Be super silly in the mornings and crawl all over my Mom because I'm so happy we get to spend another day together.

Tallulah Babygirlpug aka LuLu

Smooches to everypug. Thanks for being my witnesses!

*The LuLu permissions are not limited to the list above and may be added to at anytime.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Hugs for Howie

Our buddy Howard Pee Pugpants isn't feeling too good and is at the vet hooked up to some fluids today. Let's all send him lots of healing vibes and pawsitive thoughts. We needs that pug feeling good and misbehaving!