Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Letter to Mr. New President Obama

Dear Mr. New President,

I watched you win last night and I want to say Congrats to you! I's very happy and my Mom saids she's very proud of this country.

Now, I heards your speech last night and you saids that your daughters could have a puppy now. I has a recommendation for you. Pug! Ok, not just any pug - rescue pug! In facts, I's been thinkin about it and I has an idea. You should gets two pugs - and represent the unity of the country. One fawn and one black. I has the perfect pugs for you.

Will and Grace represents overcoming adversary and they has lots of hope. You should definitely adopt Will and Grace to go to that big white house you's gonna be living in!

If that doesn't work out, I still thinks you should get a pug or two - your house is gonna be plenty big enough and pugs are small!


Brutus said...

Amen! Those two are so cute.

Pearl said...

Hi Harry! Thanks for being my new friend. And thank you for the ear compliment. I am so flattered!

I agree about Will & Grace! They would be such an asset to the White House!

Love & Snorts,

Punchbugpug said...

Yes Harry we agree!!! Pugs in the Whitehouse!!!! Hoo - rah!!!!!

Maybe we should start a "pug-tition"??????

The Devil Dog said...

Yes, yes YES! How can we let the Obamas know about Will and Grace? Mom was thinking the same things about the Obamas getting a pug, but she never thought that there would be one at the shelter where they will probably end up going.
Seriously how can we make this work?


Harry Pugalicious said...

I emailed Mr. New President, I doubts he'll get it but we can keep our paws crossed!

The Devil Dog said...

Well, I went to his website and emailed him your letter to him re: the family pet as well. Hope you don't mind. I also sent him your link. That would be so cool if he actually considered it. (Hope you don't mind I emailed your letter, it was so well written.)


Harry Pugalicious said...

Thanks Roxy! I think it rocks that you emailed Obama my letter. Maybe all the pugs should! It'd be a movement!

Harry Pugalicious said...

hahaha... I said "it rocks" to Roxy. heehee I'm a pun pug.

Rachel said...

hahaha - that is a GREAT suggestion, harry. It seems to be easier to get on CNN than it is to pick your nose, lately - so you should definitely call them up and see if you can get on the TV to make that suggestion.