Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey there, pugs and peoples! I's partaying like it's my birthday! Cause it is!!! Well, it's tomorrow - but still!

Emmitt was nice enough to invite a bunch of us over for Partypalooza 2009. It is quite the partay scene! I gots some pics here of some of us hitting the town.

We found this great bar called "The Pug"! (What's that, Pearlie-poo?) Oh, right. It was "The Bulldog", but you know it was "The Pug" by the times we left!

S-Dog and Emmitt enjoyed some pool. Looks like Salinger is a little miffed. Emmitt seems to be doings the victory dance on the table!

Me and Pearlie found a quiet place in the bar to chill and catch up. It's been a while since our last date, ya know!

Ok, I's gotta go. Emmitt is bringing out the meatloaf!


Salinger The Pug said...


Emmitt's "obedience school" my @$$!!!!! I knew something was up!!!!

Yes...Salinger does get a bit angsty when playing pool or any other billiard game for that matter!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Harry!

Pearl said...

Oh Harry, I am really enjoying sharing a brew with you. And that song you dedicated to me on the juke box?! How romantic.

I hope my Momma doesn't see these pictures. She is so STRICT! Ugh!

I left a birthday card with her for you.. she is supposed to post it tomorrow! I hope she remembers!


Melissa and Emmitt said...


what a blast! thank you for taking so many great pictures of the party so far!

you are the best harry!

Happy, Happy Birthday my friend!


Heather and Pumpkin said...

Oh Harry, I am so bummed to miss out on the pawty due to my obligations at a charity event. It is so hard to be a celebrity sometimes. But I will see you soon birthday boy.


Anonymous said...


The Devil Dog said...

Happy Birthday Harry. We are having a ball with you at "school".

Roxy & Lucky

Rachel said...

Happy b-lated B-day, Harry!!! We were out of town this weekend, and the pugs have been at "Obedience School" - but we did manage to get a b-day package in the mail to you. WE hope you got it and enjoyed it!!!

Pearl said...

Hi Harry! I hope you had the BEST birthday! Did ya see the card I made for ya on my blog??

What did ya do on your big day? I hope you'll post and tell us all about it! Now we are both 3, Harry! We're a match made in Heaven!

lol... my word verification is 'prude'...

Rachel said...

p.s. we have an award for you over at our blog!!