Friday, March 7, 2008

Don Quixote

Mom has started calling me this funny name, Don Kihotee, and I don't know why. She started doing it during one of our nightly walks around the block. That night, there was a mysterious object alongside my path. It was trying to disguise itself as one of the alley trash cans, but I recognized it for the monster that it was. So, I growled and walked very slowly, very low to the ground toward this monster/trash can. I was determined to let it know that I meant business and would not let it attack my Mom!

Mom must have been hysterical with fear because she was laughing as I crept toward the monster/trash can. The monster/trash can recognized me for the fierce pug that I am and stayed put as we walked by and did not attempt to follow.

Once we were safe and Mom gained hold of her senses, she called me Don Kihotee. I think this must be some brave hero who protected their Moms from monsters disguised as trash cans.

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