Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's On... Again

Pugs, I'm so close to being in the SEPRA calendar I can taste it (and the taste is as good as peanut butter!). We are now in Round 4 of the Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption calendar contest. This is the next to the last round! Your votes go to a good cause... this is my rescue group. They helped find me a home and they are always helping pugs who have had a much harder life than I. You can vote for me here: http://www.pugged.com/SEPRA/target21.html. Thanks!!!!

Oh, Mom got bored with my blog's look so she's been playing around with a new one. Let us know what you think.

~Harry P.


Pug and Bugg said...

LOVE IT! Did you have to size the image perfectly to get it to look right up there? We are dying to know!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Mom sized it "close" to what she thought it should be and then selected "shrink to fit".

The Devil Dog said...

We like your new look. Mom has been thinking of making some changes to ours, but she just hasn't had a moment to spare. Soon, we think.


The Puppies said...

Thanks for visiting our site!! Always nice to meet a fellow pooch in Birmingham! When you say farmer's market in one of your posts, are you talking about the one at Pepper Place? We usually go to that one on Saturday mornings also! We love it!!! My mom wants us to ask where you took your pictures for the calendar! She wants to do family portraits with all of us but hasn't found a place in Birmingham yet!! Don't know what your site looked like before, but we think it looks awesome now!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

My friend in Mobile is a photographer and he took the photos of Harry. He did a great job! Wish he was here so he could do more.

We do go to Pepper Place - Harry and I love it!

Harry P here... I love the market because everybody wants to come pet me and tell me how cute I am. But then lots of people say "hey, it's Frank from Men in Black!" I don't know who they are talking about but I get that all the time.

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Harry

I just sniffed my way over from DWB to say Hi! You can come and visit me too if you like?