Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pudgy Pug?

I have been suffering from something I'm sure the rest of you pugs can relate to. Allergies! Spring comes early in Alabama and my itching started with the first blooms. Mom tried everything, special food, allergy pills (blech), fish oil (Yum!) and even Benedryl. The allergy pills seemed to work for a while but the past few weeks my scratching was back at an all-time high.

So, what I thought was going to be a pleasant Saturday morning (as it started with a trip to the farmers' market), turned into a horrible morning at the vet. I got poked and prodded and WEIGHED! Mom said I'm becoming a porker because I weighed in at 22.9 lbs. When I was adopted I weighed 19.something.

So, what do you think fellow pugs??? Unite and tell my mom not to withhold the treats as I'm still a stud muffin at under 23lbs.


The Devil Dog said...

Your mom just wants you to be healthy, that's why she stops feeding those treats. Mom says there are too many fat pugs who huff and puff and can't breathe right and can't walk because they are too overweight. I am sure you are not one of them. And you certainly don't want to be one of them. Your mom loves you a lot. That is good.


Pug and Bugg said...

OMD we like you that way too, but we have the opposite problem, we are being told to gain weight! So I don't think losing some is that bad!