Sunday, October 12, 2008

Geaux Saints!!!!

It's been a football weekend. Last night we went to my girlfriends' house to watch a football game. I got a new collar to wear for that game. It's purple and has "LSU" all around it in yellow. Maggie and Laila have that collar too. We looked great in our matching collars!

Momma, sit down and watch the game.

Sadly, LSU did not win last night. The people were really sad and tried to get over it by playing Wii and pool. I wasn't really upset just tired, so Maggie and I snuggled on the sofa.

Today Mom and I slept late and then watched the Saints on the TV. Today's game was much better. The Saints beat the other team by a LOT of points. And Puddy's dad should be happy 'cause Reggie did really good.

Here's some pics of me watching the game in my new collar from Cozy Critters.

Looks like Reggie is about to score!

34-3 - Saints win! I's so tired now.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
i am so glad yo all had a great weekend!
you and your blog look great! i love the new look!
:) melissa

The Puppies said...

Sorry to hear about LSU... we like to root for them when they are't playing bama!! i know you are happy to have your stitches out... you sure look handsome in that saints collar!!!
The Puppies

Puddleglum said...

Oh yeah: we're happy! Woohoo!