Monday, October 27, 2008

Project Dogway Exit Interview

Well pugs and people, the rumors, they is true. I did not make it to Doggie Bryant Park for the Project Dogway finale. But that's OK. The pugs (and westie) who made it has done great works throughout the competitions and I can't waits to see what they presenting in the finale!

It's hard to pick one team to root for so I'm just going to wait and see what they presents!

Don't worry, this is not the last you'll see from Harry Pugalicious!


Rachel said...

hahaha - I LOVE your PRW style exit interview - so classic.
You did fantastic work, Harry. You even made it into the PDW hall of fame - that's an honor in itself!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh, that is too bad, Harry. We don't even know if we are finalists yet.
In our book, though, you are a winner.