Friday, May 30, 2008

Votes for Me!

I'm in a calendar contest for SEPRA (Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption). They are the nice people who took me in and found me a good home, so I am trying to raise money for them by being in this calendar contest. So far I made the first two cuts and I need your help to get me to the next round.

So go vote for yours truly at I'm the one in the green sweater with a bear. (7th row)

You can read the contest details here if you would like.


Snorts & Kisses,

Harry Pugalicious

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do Dah Day 2008

Do Dah Day was yesterday. My mom is on the board of directors so lately she's been giving a lot of Harry Pugtime to Do Dah Day. I try to be patient and understanding because I support the cause. I am a rescue pug, you know... and Do Dah Day benefits local animal shelters.

Friday morning Mom made us get up REALLY early. After a nice walk and breakfast, Mom dressed me in my Do Dah Day t-shirt and we went to the park. There were some other dogs there and a TV crew! The news people were promoting Do Dah Day. Mom let me model my t-shirt on the TV again and I got in some other promos too. I'm a superstar!

Saturday morning Mom got up REALLY early again. This time when she left, she left me! Oh the horror... being left at home on Do Dah Day. Apparently since Mom is a staff person, she can't take me 'cause she's so busy. I was sad.

But then!!!!!! My friends Maggie and Layla came and rescued me from a day alone with the kitty. Their mom came and put a bright yellow bandanna on me and took me to the Do Dah Day! Ha! I got to go anyway!

After we had been there for a little while I ran into my Mom. She was so excited to see me. I tried to act aloof, but I gave in and snorted all over her and gave her kisses. She hung out with us some.... and she even gave me a ride in her golf cart and bought me doggie yogurt! It was so much fun!

Here are some pictures.

Me and Mom... she had some funny thing on her head, not sure what that was about.

My girlfriend Layla and her frisbee

That's my other girlfriend Maggie.

Ok... gotta go take another nap. Do Dah Day was exhausting!

~Snorts & kisses,

Harry P.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spring pics

Here are a few pictures Mom has taken of me (and Midi) recently. The first one shows me modeling my new Do Dah Day t-shirt. I tried to give Mom a really good view of the logo, so I pretended that I was eating. (Note from Harry's Mom: The ONLY way I could get a shot of Harry's back was to put food in his bowl. If there's not food distracting him, he's looking at me asking where food is.)

Here's a picture of my Midi Kitty. We were spending a nice afternoon outside together, but she kept pulling away from me. I guess it's not "cool" to hang out with your pug when you're a cat.

Harry Pugalicious in the garden!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Here's a picture of the monkey I got for my birthday! I love Monkey.

As much as I love Monkey, he has not surpassed Tiger as my BFF. Tiger also goes by Mike. He's named after a very famous and handsome tiger who lives in Baton Rouge. Geaux Tigers! :-)

Sometimes Tiger is silly.

I usually have Tiger with me when Mom comes home. We hang out a lot. He lets me pounce on him and carry him around. The miniature tiger in our house (Midi) does not.

More pics of the weekend to come... me and Midi T. Kitty in the garden.

~Snorts & Kisses,

Harry Pugalicious

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my birthday. I turned the big 0-2 on Friday. First I got lots of kisses from my Mom when she woke up. Then she went to work, so it wasn't a great day. But THEN she came home and brought me presents! I got a monkey! I kept asking for a monkey because Le Mops and Chewie have monkeys. And now I have one! Mom said she has been too busy to post any pictures of my monkey. It's that Do Dah Day thing getting in the way of ME again....

So, anyway. I got a monkey and then I got cookies! They were good hand-made all natural cookies from my favorite store, Generation Dog.

Saturday Mom had to go walk through the parks with her Do Dah Day people and talk about where all the booths and stuff would go for Do Dah Day. I got to go with her! I love going to the park, although that was my first time. After the park we went to Rojo for chips and salsa and beer. I got water but my buddy Johnny kept sneaking me chips... and maybe I had a little beer too (even though I'm only 2 - or 14 depending on how you look at it). It was my birthday weekend, I'm allowed!

Sunday we didn't really do anything, but that's OK 'cause I was tired from the day before.

Mom promises to post pics really soon. Maybe she can tear herself away from her j-o-b and Do Dah Day long enough to give me the attention I deserve.

Snorts and Kisses,

Harry P

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm gonna be a birthday boy!

Mom says that tomorrow is my birthday. I've never had a birthday before, at least not one that I remember. She said it's a day to celebrate ME, Harry Pugalicious. I thought that was what every day was for, but she said on this day I get presents and treats. So, I said YAY! Bring it on!

I'm gonna be two tomorrow!

~Snorts and Kisses...