Monday, September 28, 2009

Midi Monday

Greetings and welcome to Midi Monday. My feline friend Menace suggested quite some time ago that Monday on this blog be all about me, but today is the first Monday I've been able to bend the human and the pug to my will (at least about this!)

For the one or two of you unfamiliar with me, I am Midi T. Kitty. I've been living with the human for over 14 years now - after I used all my cunning to make her believe I was stuck in a tree and she had to "rescue" me. For all of you cats out there wondering why I used so much drama rather than just showing up on her doorstep, the answer is simple. The rougher the human believes my pre-home circumstances to be, the greater the love and affection (and servitude) she will show me.

We can discuss the unfortunate events that weakened my 14 year reign at another time (pug), but for now let's address some recent accusations.

The pug is trying to gain your sympathy by saying that I will not snuggle with him. I say... if someone put their butt in your face on a regular basis, walked around snorting and sneezing, and dripped water from their face EVERY TIME they attempted to rehydrate; would YOU want to snuggle? I thought not.

I leave you with proof that I'm far cuddlier than the pug and he has lots to overcome before he deserves my cuddles!



Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Midi! You are such a cutie! I totally understand you. That's why I don't want to cuddle with my mom! to make things worst she tries to kiss me every five minutes... eeeeewwww!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

All those things you mentioned are just signs of love. Maybe another time you will get used to them

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Have you tried addressing these issues with Harry? I'm sure Harry just wants to be friends =)


Heather and Pumpkin said...

Hi Midi,

I am so excited to see you are blogging. It's time us kitties stand up for ourselves and let our voices be heard.

Perhaps you should suggest to Harry that he wear a surgical mask to contain his slobbers.

Menace Out!

Rosie said...

Hi Midi - I think you and Jet would get along great - maybe we should have a sleep over switch - you and Jet and me and Harry - I would cuddle with him :)

Pearl said...

Hi Midi! It's so nice to hear from you!
I have to admit, you do look pretty cuddly in that picture... but my loyalties are with Harry, so I can't act like I think you are cute, ok?!
Nice work, by the way, on the 'stuck in the tree' act! That was classic!

Fred said...

Nice to meet you, Midi! Sorry, but I'm a non-discriminatory snuggler--anywhere, anytime, anyplace with anyone!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Midi, that is a super snuggly pose! I just got some snuggle time yesterday with my kitty, Tyler (well, OK - my sister's kitty, but whatever). Kitty snuggles are GREAT!

Freya's Human said...

Oh Midi, you are too cute! I totally understand where you are coming from. Good luck on working on the snuggling.