Friday, January 15, 2010

Harry Tries a New Dog Food

Harry's Mom here. I know the subject of dog food is important to all of us since we probably put our pugs' dietary needs before our own. So, I wanted to tell you all about a new food that I just bought for Harry.

Now, let me preface this by saying I'm not an expert on the nutritional needs of pugs nor am I one to do a ton of research to figure out, down to the last ingredient, which food is best. I also don't have unlimited funds to spend on Harry's food - but that's why I'm pretty excited about this food.

Harry blogs a lot about his visits to Generation Dog. We go there for treats, baths, toys, etc. The one thing we haven't gone there for is food. They do carry some very fine food, but the price point has always been a little higher than what we have in our budget. At least until now. Harry has been getting Nutro Ultra for Small Breeds - and we have to schlep all the way out to PetsMart to get it. And while we love that PetsMart gives money to our community, including Do Dah Dah; the fact remains that they are a huge chain and they do engage in some practices that are questionable.

So, here's our opportunity to find a quality dog food at a good price - and support not one but two small businesses!

Harry is now eating Dave's Naturally Healthy from Dave's Pet Food. From what I've read online, Dave's is a small company out of Massachusetts. Their pet food is made from healthy, natural ingredients and provides a balanced diet for our pampered pups. The best part? It's no more expensive than what I was paying for Nutro - and it's much less than some of the higher-end brands.

Harry's just excited because cheese is listed as one of the ingredients! Thanks to our friend at Generation Dog for introducing us to this new food!


Pearl said...

Harry love,

Thanks for sharing this info with us! It's hard to figure out what to eat. Momma did ALLL this research, and it doesn't matter now. Since I have these bladder problems, I have to eat nasty Rx food from the vet that costs a million dollars. She is still looking for a better alternative, though.

I hope this new food works out for you! It's really nice to be able to eat wholesome ingredients at a reasonable price, AND support some local peeps. I really love that!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

That food sounds MEGA yummy Harry!!! Let us know how you likes it!