Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Paws on the Patio edition... Parkside Café for Hand In Paw fundraiser.


Pearl said...

Oh I just love those 2 sweet faces! And your cute polka dotted collars!!!

Stubby said...

You guys are always doing something fun! I need to get out more often. Please tell my peeps to take me places, okay?

Stubby xoxo

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello's you two cuties!!
My Stubby Man has a Polka dotted collar too! He weared its on our dates last monts.
I just love the little dots. Yousa are just sooooo sweet!!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Two super cute pugs!!

Wilma said...

Very sweet. Love those paw prints!

Apollo said...

What a cool organization! Laughter may be good and all, but I think animal love is the best medicine!

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Sweet babies!! Looks like they had a good time!!!



Kitty+Coco said...

We need to pick your brain for organizations and meet ups in the Birmingham area. We are out of the loop. Your momma sure knows where to go for fun.
We love your super nose wrinkle! Coco doesn't really have one of those and she is jealous.