Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday

Hey everypuggie. It's Tallulah Tuesday! We missed a Tuesday, didn't we? You can blame Mom for that one.

So much has happened, where do I start? Oh yeah! My Gran-ma-ma came to see me. I had never had a Gran-ma-ma before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I put on my best dress (Thanks, Punchy!) so I would look my most cutest when she got there!

Of course she loved me... how could she not? I wasn't real sure what to make of her, so I played hard to get most of the weekend. I should admit to some typical pug behaviour... I was her best friend when she had a cinnamon roll!

After the Gran-ma-ma left, we got this great big box in the mail on Monday. Mom spent some time wrestling with what was in it and then we had this!

She took me and Tubby for a test ride in the house before we went on a real ride.

As you can see, Tubby hogged the front on our maiden voyage in the pugmobile. We took it to the Farmer's Market this weekend and boy were we popular! It was great too because in the pugmobile we're right at petting level!

Saturday Tubby had to go get a bath. I went with him so I could get treats at the spa too. Mom made new arrangements for us in the car. We are back-seat pugs now. It's not great but at least we have room to spread out. That front seat got a little crowded with both of us!

Hope all of you are having a good week. Until next Tuesday, kisses!


Pearl said...

Lulu, You look so stinkin' cute in your new dress! I bet you stole your gran-ma-ma's heart!

I love your new wheels! Maybe you can come pick me up and we can hit happy hour!!!


Jemima Jones Beck said...

Love the dress. Glad that your grandma loved you, but, of course, how could she help it?

Sequoia & Petunia said...

You look so cute in your dress, how could G-ma ma not loves you! Oh and you gots a wagon/buggie just like mes, red color toos!


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh my Goodness LuLu!!!

Your dress is absolutely pawsitively beautifuls!!!

Yous soooo prettys!!

We just love your PugMobiles too!!
Isn't it the best!!
You so funny calling your bro Tubby!!
Hee Hee...

We are glad you got to meet your Grand ma ma!! Of course she loved you!!!

Big Hugs,
Josie & Izzy

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh Lulu
your just looking sweet as pie in that pretty pretty dress.
You just look kissable and I bet your gramma smothered you in kisses!
You both are toooo cute in the pug mobile!

Wilma said...

Hi Tallulah,
The dress... extreme cuteness! Hope the transition from front to back seat goes better for you than it did for Brigitte. She's never been the same in the car. Mom said someday she's going to record the noises she makes.They are like no other sounds you've ever heard.

Apollo said...

Oh Lulu! You look so pretty in your dress! I'm glad you guys got to spend time with your gran-ma-ma. Nice wheels...I'm glad it helped with the human love. Sorry to hear you got banished to the back seat of the car...that happened to me too...apparently Mommy didn't want to take any of me to work with her *sad face*. Do those wheels fly? If so - come visit us!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Lulu and Harry!

Daisy and I love Lulu's dress!
we're glad you had a fun time with
your grandma and on your farmers
market adventure.

We hope you have a great week!

-Dana & Daisy