Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday - Visitor

Happy Tallulah Tuesday, everyone!

Oh pugs, did we have an exicting weekend! That lady that Mom says is my "grandmama" came to see us. She brought LOTS of stuff with her. I thought maybe she was gonna move in with us! She brought chairs for our veranda, lots and lots of fabric, a sewing machine, a ladder, all kinds of crazy stuff!

Then she put my Mom to work. ALL day Saturday and ALL day Sunday all she and Mom did was put stuff together, hang stuff, arrange stuff, paint stuff. Tubby and I were exhausted watching them!

When they finally finished, Mom had this crazy curtained off area in our bedroom that she calls our new "closet". Plus we now have pictures on the walls.

Those are pictures of me and Tubby. Mom says to tell you our walls aren't quite that color - they are more "subtle", whatever that means.

That's a picture Mom really likes. I'm not sure why, there are no pugs in it.

After that lady left, I spent Monday evening relaxing on the veranda - while also guarding us and keeping everyone safe.

Tubby was really tired from weekend. He pretty much melted into the sofa.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Minnie Moo said...

I'm pretty jealous that you have a room and a closet! It looks awesome.
I don't know why your mom would like a picture without pugs in it either...maybe you should try wearing a dress like that lady and see if she would appreciate it :)

Heather and Pumpkin said...

You gots your own pug room? That's awesome. I am a movie star and I still have to share a bedroom with my mommy.


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Wow a closet for puggies! We have a dresser drawer (that is over flowing mom says). Grammys area great as long as they aren't working so hard like yours did. Maybe next time she will just sit all weekend and snuggle you!

dw said...

Sounds like your mom and grandmama did a lot of work! Your mom's a lot better than me -- I've been in my new place for a while now and I don't have anything on the walls yet! I sure hope your grandmama brought more than chairs and fabric and ladders and stuff -- did she bring anything for you and Harry? You should have at least gotten a special treat for being such good hosts and all! :)

Apollo said...

You know how you like Mommy and Me time? Well that's what your Momma and your Grandmama (her Momma) had - even though they worked. It's really nice that your Grandmama is still around and is supportive and helpful to your Momma. Those are awesome pics, btw. Very cool that you guys have a room. I have my own room too. My Mommy said that even though I'm her fur child, I'm still a child, so that's why I get a room. And, she likes having a place to put all my stuffies, furniture, chewies, clothes, and other crap in. I don't understand why she doesn't like it when I leave it all spread around the house. It's a lot more convenient. I guess she doesn't want me being too lazy. I wish you lived closer so that we could come visit your new digs. I'd love to drink some brewskies with you out on that veranda.

Stubby said...

Hi Lulu! How cool that your grandma came to visit. I know how exhausting it is to decorate a house so be thankful you had help.

I sure hoe your grandma brought treats for you and Tubby. Try to catch up on your sleep because I'm sure your mom has another busy weekend planned for you guys.

Stubby xoxo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a wonderful weekend with grandma!

we love everything you did!

your home looks fabulous!

m & e

Pearl said...

Oh my goodness, Lulu! The new place is looking sooo good!

I bet your momma is worn out, but sometimes it's nice to have someone come in and force you to get things done! It always feels good to mark things off your list.

Have a good day, friends! Hi Harry! xoxoxo

Kitty+Coco said...

Grandpawrents are practically treat dispencers! Sounds like you got the place all pugged up :)

Kitty and Coco