Saturday, July 5, 2008

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yesterday started out as another really boring day. Mom left me at home ALL day and when she got home she smelled suspiciously like other dogs. To make up for this betrayal she took me to the boom! boom! boom! show.

We went to this place where Mom says she works and met up with some other people (and a few other dogs who were NOT nice to me) and all of a sudden there were all these loud noises and the air smelled like smoke. Everyone was looking at the sky so I looked up and there were bright lights all around this big man holding a spear (Mom's note: that would be Vulcan). It must have been really scary for him being so close to those loud bright things.

Anyway, here's a picture Mom found to show you. She didn't take her camera.

I had a good time. I have heard that some dogs don't like the loud noises, but as long as I'm with my mom I can handle almost anything.


~Harry P.


The Devil Dog said...

Vulcan must have been scared. I am glad you were not scared. I don't get scared by fireworks either. But we had company yesterday, and I barked at them and then jumpes in mom's arms.


The Puppies said...

We are so impressed that you weren't scared!! Mom and Dad went to our uncle's house which is right by Vulcan to watch the boom boom show. We stayed at home and huddled in our beds because we don't like the noises!!
p.s. mom and dad said they went to rojo last night but they didn't see any dogs.... something about it being all hoomans drinking margaritas!!
The Puppies

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I heard boom noises that night too, but I did not see any lights in the sky or a guy with a spear! LOL!

Ronak said...

Oh gosh Harry, you had to see fireworks too!? I live on the East River in NYC, right where there is a big fireworks celebration on the 4th. I am still recovering, dude!
Anyways, I'm not a pug, but I really enjoyed your bloggy!