Wednesday, July 2, 2008


That's what my mom is. Boring! I have had very little excitement the last week or so. I think I may need to be rescued again. Rescued from a life of boredom! Sigh.

This is me when I used to get to do fun things, like slay tigers.

Ok, well so we went to my girlfriends' house last weekend for a party and there were lots of people to ooh and ahh over me, but Mom made us leave early cause her knee was hurting. Paleeeeze! She needs to suck it up and let me be entertained whenever possible. I know my girlfriends probably cried the rest of the night because I was not there.

Last night she did take me to Rojo - one of my absolute favoritest restaurants. My gfs were there too. We had so much fun getting lots of attention and watching other dogs whose people brought them out. It was a rare relatively cool night in B'ham and everyone was taking advantage of it.

Mom said she gets to not work on Friday cause it's some kind of holiday. I'm just happy she'll be home but I bet we don't do ANYTHING exciting.

Snorts & Kisses,
Harry P.


The Devil Dog said...

Be careful what you wish for. Your mom might bring you to the fireworks, and then you will wish you were bored. Not scared out of your fur.


powder-puff said...

Hey Harry!

nice to meet ya!

I know what you mean, sometimes my mum is the most boring person alive!

lots of love

The Puppies said...

Our Mom loves Rojo as well! But it sounds like we aren't as well behaved as you are because she doesn't bring us to go there with her! we have passed by it when walking on Highland though- it looks cool!!! Hope you get to do some exciting stuff on the 4th!!
The Puppies