Monday, July 21, 2008

A Vote You Can Be Proud Of

Hello Pugs! First, thanks to everyone who has voted for me in the SEPRA calendar contest. I have made it to the finals! It's now down to me and 24 other pugs (well, 23 pugs and what looks to be a puggle). There are only 13 spots in the calendar! So, I'm asking you to vote for me, Harry Pugalicious. All proceeds go to the group that rescued me - so it's definitely a vote you can be proud of.

You can vote here:

~Harry P.


The Devil Dog said...

That is awesome! Hope you go all the way!

Roxy & Lucky

Rachel said...

Hi Harry - we found you through Sophie and Dixie's blog and wanted to invite you to particpate in a new contest they have been helping us put together: Project Dogway! We thought your entries in SNPM were great and would love to have you participate in this as well. Check out our latest blog for all the details and good luck with your calendar!

The Puppies said...

We are sure you are going to make it in... your picture is so cute!! We left you an award on our blog because we love reading yours.... come by and check it out!
The Puppies

Nevis said...

Will vote...and good luck!


Woof Harry

We're sure you're gonna get lots of votes.
Desert Pups here just saying woof and making new pals cause we're new in town.

Woof, woof,
Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life Inside The Fence