Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey there, pugs and peoples! Sorry I didn't update you on my weekend earlier. Mom went got home from work yesterday and went to bed! Something about allergicies or something. Anwyays, let me tell you about my weekend! I's still so excited!

Friday morning Mom made up the guest bed. That doesn't happen very often, but I didn't think it was a big deals. Midi, on the other paw, was SO EXCITED! She seemed to knows something I didn't.

She just sat on the bed, looking like something great was gonna happen any minute...

Mom went off to work like normal, but then she came home early. A little while laters she went outside and when she came back in, she had my Granmama with her!!!! I was so exciteds! I went and got tiger cause he was excited too. Me and tiger followed her EVERYWHERE!

Of course, Midi tried to hog all the attention. She got up on the bed and sat in all my grandmama's stuff.

I can't gets on the bed.

That sucks.

It wasn't all fun for me and the Midi though. Mom took the Granmama away lots. They would leave us home by ourselves... and leave me locked in the back of the house! Midi laughs at me when I's stuck back there.

Every morning I would gets up earlier than Mom cause my Granmama was up. She would pet me and talk to me. It was great! Then she lefts me but she said maybe I's gonna come see her soon. I dunno about that, but we's gonna see.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
oh we are so glad you had such a great weekend with your grandma!
melissa and emmitt

Pearl said...

I knew it, Harry! Granmama's are the BEST! I just know she couldn't resist that cute mug of yours!!!!

Nevis said...

Harry you're so cute!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Grandma's are fun, aren't they. We are glad you are having fun with yours.


Salinger The Pug said...

Hi Harry!

I'm glad you got to hang with your Granmama!

They're nice kinds of people!


Frances Louise said...

Granmama's are suckers for a cute face -- I hope you received lots of treats!