Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Better Work It!

Hey pugs and peoples! I know I hasn't been around much lately. I's sorry about that. To make up for that, I's gonna tell you all about this great contest and movie Mom and me just read about!

There's a documentary that was just released called Valentino: The Last Emporer. The famous designer Valentino is supposed to be the star, but he's upstaged by his 6 (six!!!) pugs. (What did those producers think would happen?) Valentino's gonna be judging puggies for "Most Fashionable". Here's the details.

I knows you're all fashionable (although Rosie in that leopard print dress keeps coming to mind... woof!). So get out there and work it, puggies!


Rachel said...

i entered Clemmie's in to the contest with a picture of her wearing her pink lace evening gown. It is very Valentino!

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Do you think I could pass for part pug?


The Devil Dog said...

Isn't that a great contest. Mom wants to enter Lucky in it, but she better get her butt in gear or it will be over soon.


Rosie said...

Hi Harry - I may have a question to ask you soon - there is a survey going on at my blog about you :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
fun! emmitt has entered and hopes he has the look. :)

m & e

Rosie said...

Hi Harry - Looks like we are quadruple dating with a group of other doggie love birds. We are all going to New York this weekend for a romantic evening of dining and dancing at the famous Rainbow Room, overlooking all of Manhattan! See Petey's Blog it was his great idea!! Please say you can come :)