Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Shopping

What an exciting weekend I hads. First it was Emmitt's birthday and that was soooo much fun! It was really nice of his Mom to let Emmitt have a party, especially after Partypalooza!!!! (What's that? She doesn't know about that?) Ahem, I mean - it was so nice of his Mom to let him haves a party even though she's heard that once a puggie becomes a teenager, they sometimes start getting too big for their bandanas. No danger of Emmitt doing that!

Mom's still trying to get the ketchup from all the meatloafs off my party bandana!

Once I got home, I noticed we were low on foods. So, I made Mom take me to the food store. They hads all these bowls there but not one of them hads the food in them!

Seriously, who ates all the food?

Hey Mom, why's I down here on the floor?

That's better. I likes riding in the buggie - I can sees everything and all the peoples can see me!

We didn't buy any toys but we gots food for me and the Midi. I also gots a special good boy treat cause I was so good at the food store.

After the food store me and Mom went to visit some friends that live on that side of town. There are little peoples who live there - one that can't even walks yet! It was lots of fun. I was kindof scared of the littles, but I also liked all the attentions. There were two dogs too! We played chase some.

Mom solved a mystery while we were there. Turns out her friend is who sent us the cool coasters we posted about a few weeks ago. Here's a reminder:

We's glad to finally be able to thank somebody!

Hope every other puggie had a great weekend too!


Heather and Pumpkin said...

I thought the lovely Midi was going to start posting on Mondays.

Menace Out!

Pearl said...

Hi Harry!! You were looking cutest up in that buggie! I am so glad you got a treat for being so good.

And YAY for figuring out the coaster-mystery! What a nice friend!

Rosie said...

Hi Harry - I also like riding in the buggie - (my very first time when I was a little puggie girl - I actually poopied in there - the mommy was sooo embarassed) hehe

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
oh what a great weekend of partying and shopping!
i LOVE that smile of yours! it is contagious! what a great photo!
m & e