Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank Goodness It's Monday!

Hey there pugs and peoples! I's never been so happy for Monday to gets here! My weekend was so tiring for a pug! Not enough nap-time!

My mom and my friend J had a "yard sale". No, they weren't selling the yard... that's what I thought too.... they puts lots of stuff in the yard and in our front room and then strange people came over and took it home. Mom says they had to pay for the stuff, but I dunno. Alls I know is I saw lots of peoples, lots of peoples petted me but I didn't get any naps!

When all the peoples finally left and I tried to get some much-needed sleep, the Mom put me in the car and took me to get a bath. A bath!!!! Can you believes that? I could hardly stands up I was so tired and she takes me for a bath.

Well, on the way home I told her that was not nice. I said, Momma... that was not nice!

I's not happy! I's sleepy!

So, we wents home and took a nap. Here's me and the Midi ready for Mom to gets in the bed.

After our nap we moved to the sofa, where I napped some more.

and a little more...

and maybe just a bits more!

I hopes you puggies had a more restful weekend!


Rosie said...

Harry - I bet it was nice to take a nap after getting all clean from your bath.
Looks like heaven to me :)

Pearl said...

Harry, life just isn't fair! We puggies need our sleep!

Momma always thinks I am happy to have her home with me on the weekends, but really... she interferes with my sleep schedule!

You look so soft and clean!!

xoxo Pearly

dw said...

Harry, I'm sure you were the hit of the yard sale! But resting is very important! Not that you need beauty sleep (you're adorable just as you are), but a puggie needs his sleep! Glad you finally got some! :)

Dutch the Pug said...

Aww you look so sweet and comfy during your naps!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

No naps and a bath...torture! We are hoping you gets a 3 day weekend to catch up on your naps this time!

PS you looks cute with your colorful bandana!

Stubby said...

Hi Harry! I can't believe you got a bath - yuk! I think I'm going to get one soon unless I can convince Mom that dirty pugs are in.

I hate when I don't get my naps in. I get grumpy just like you did and then I nap all day. I hope you catch up on your sleep because no one wants a grumpy pug around.

Stubby xoxo

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Doesn't mommy know models need their beauty sleep?


Nevis said...

Adorable favorite one is the last one, though.

Heather and Walter said...

You look sooo handsome sleepinks!