Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday... 2 Times the Fun!

So Mom's been really busy lately. Too busy apparently to type up blogs for me and Harry. So, since today is my day I'm going to update you on the goings on around here.

TWO weekends ago, I got to be an only pug. For a little while.

Mom took me and me only to run a few errands. Don't I look good as an only pug?

Harry wondered where we went, but I just acted like I couldn't hear him. This is my innocent look.

Of course the illusion was shattered when Mom took both of us to the dog park.

As you can see, Harry had to take his Tiger. Like our car seat isn't crowded enough already.

Of course it was Mother's Day when we went to the park, so Harry and I tried to be good for Mom. We even posed a little bit for the camera.

It was really tough getting comfortable on our way home. Tubby sure does know how to hog the car seat.

I finally managed to push him over a little bit so I could have room too. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.

Then this past weekend, I got to be famous!!!! This weekend was Do Dah Day. Maybe Harry's mentioned it before. I had never heard of it before I came to live with my Mom, but it sounds like a lot of fun for dogs! Mom said Harry and I couldn't go because she would be working the whole day on Saturday and would be there for over 12 hours! So, to make up for leaving us all day on Saturday she spent lots of time with us on Friday.

We got up really early and went to the park where Do Dah Day takes place. There were some other people there and some other dogs. Some dogs had furever homes and some dogs were still waiting on theirs.

Then there was this guy from the TV who was talking to people and putting them on TV. I got to talk to him! I told him all about how I got rescued and then my Mom adopted me. Oh, and Mom told him how people needed to come to Do Dah Day and buy t-shirts and bandanas and stuff to help other dogs who need homes.

We don't have video, but I'm gonna let you see pictures of me in my pretty pink bandana.

Cute, huh?

Harry got to go on the TV and talk about donating pet fur to make booms for the gulf coast. That was OK with me though because he wasn't on the TV with Mom, he was with some other lady.

AND it's type-casting anyway. Everypuggie knows Harry is hairy and he sheds more than any other pug in the whole world. Want proof? Mom furminated both of us Friday night so she could take our fur to Do Dah Day to donate it. This is how much she got from me.

THIS is how much she got from Harry. That's not a sandwich bag, y'all. That's a pretty big ziploc bag!

Being on the TV was the only real excitement that day. The rest of the time we just hung out and looked cute.

We DID get to play in the back of a golf cart but Mom wouldn't ride us around. Mean Mommy!

I hope you all had a fun weekend! We'll try to get around to everypuggies' blog soon. Mom keeps complaining about being tired. If she would sleep 20 hours or so a day like me and Harry do, she might not have so much to complain about!


Wilma said...

I love it when I get my own personal time with the Mom. I get miffed when anyone else does though.

Apollo said...

Hey Fabulously Famous Pugs, Harry and Lulu! How awesome that you guys got to be on tv! And way to go on promoting such great causes! I bet Stubby is very proud of you guys for not only donating fur for the booms, but also spreading the word about it. And I'm proud of you guys for spreading the word about Pug Rescues. And a big hug to your Mom for getting herself and you both volunteering and speaking about such great causes. You both deserve many licks and treats!

Heather and Pumpkin said...

If you need any tips on how to handle the pressures of fame I am glad to help.


Fred said...

Good ol' Do Dah Day. Makes me miss Alabama! On another note, I had NO IDEA pugs shed...well, harry pugs, right? ;P

Salinger The Pug said...

Harry Dude (long low whistle)...are you totally bald now after that Furmination???

I'm so excited to know some famous puggies!!!

We hope your mom had a great time at DDD and we can't wait to see pics!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry and lulu!
oh my gosh!
i am still laughing from the gallon size bag of hair from harry!
that is something emmitt would do, but i think harry has won the blue ribbon for fluffiness!
what great photos and adventures from the last two weeks.

m & e

Rosie said...

LuLu Girl, Pink is soooo your color. You look Fabulous!!
Loves from pugs,
Rosie Marie

Hank said...

Hi, LuLu!

Brothers can be a pain, huh? But we still love them!

You sure are a cutie little lady!

Lick ya later!


Pearl said...

How did I miss this post?!

Lulu, you are too cute in your bandana. It's a good thing your momma already adopted you, because I bet someone at Do Dah Day would have snatched you right up, cute girl! You're a showstopper!

Hi Hairy Harry! You are sooo sweet with all of your pugalicious fur- just more of you to love!!