Saturday, July 24, 2010

APB - Have You Seen This Pug?

My LuLu bug was MIA when me and the Momma got up this morning. She was actings kind suspiciousness last night. She kept sneaking back to our room and one time I caught her in there goings through our clothes basket.

Then, me and the Momma got up this am and LuLu's blankie was gone, BOTH chew chew bones, the hedgehog AND Momma's good vodka, the Margaritaville Margarita mix and the tequila. Oh, LuLu was gone too...

I's thinking she went to that Sunflower Camp thingie, but if you sees her, let me know.

Here's what she's looking like in case your forgots.

For now, I's just enjoying the peace and quiet.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello's 'deres Harry!!
Me tinks I's know's just wheres 'day be ats!!
Me sister's wents to 'dat same places 'dis mornings. Yous is rights!! Lulu is ats 'dat Camp SunFlowers!!
Me Sweetie Pies sent me photo's of herself's and me tinks Lulu was in 'da backrounds..she hads on a polka dot bikini's on's..
I's wont tells yous Momma!!

She be okay..
She just had alittle bit of "water" cordin' to Izzy.

Later dude,
Anakin Man (secret spy)

Wilma said...

Hi Harry,
It's Brigitte here. lulu is here at Camp Sunflower. don't worry about her. I am keeping a close eye on everybody. They are at the lake now, with life vest's on of course.
Enjoy the peace and quiet, she should be here all weekend.

Punchbugpug said...

everyone here at camp is having a tee hee time!!! enjoy the peace Harry!

Hank said...

Harry, ol' buddy ol' pal!

Just enjoy the peace an' quiet an' be glad yer not at that girly gab fest!!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Don't worrys about Lulu.
We're heading on down to the campfire to make smores.
I was watching her dance a bit ago

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Harry!

I hope you are having some great
man time, while Lulu is at camp!
We hope you have a great

-Dana & Daisy