Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Week In Review

My girlfriend Pearlie-poo has the right idea! She's gonna hires a secretary to do her blogging (and other things). I thinks maybe me and LuLu are gonna have to do the same thing. Mom is a slacker!!!

We's not blogged at all since last week! Not that we's been doing a whole lot, but there has been some exciting stuffs to tell you abouts.

On Saturday morning Mom got our pugmobile out and took us the Farmer's Market.

We's always a big crowd-pleaser in our pugmobile. And we's at just the right height for all the peoples to pet us!

When we got home the mailman knocked on our door and brought us this!

It's mail that came in the air! I wonders if that means an owl brought it like with that other Harry P.

Anyways, it was our Christmas in July prezzie from the Kitty Quartet - Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla and Yuji!

Come on, Mom.... let us open it already!

Ohhhhh, do you see all the fabulous prezzies?!?! We gots some treats, a hedgehog (do they has hedgehogs in Australia?!?), a doughnut, a chew bone and a really pretty towel to help dry us off after baths. Don't I looks smashing in that towel?

Oh, yeah... Mom got a book. She's excited about it, something about stories of Australian dogs who work. Apparently those Australian dogs don't have everything figured out like us pugs!

LuLu was really happy about the prezzies, but I think she was kinda overwhelmed. I guess she's not used to getting lots of prezzies.

Her favorite thing was the hedgehog. Normally she's not a big fan of the stuffies, but she took this one away from me and played and played and played.

Even though we gots some treats in our gift package, Mom took us to the pet store this week to refill our treatables jar. Me and LuLu loves riding in the buggie!

Well, I hopes you all has lots of fun this weekend. I's on a mission to find a sock monkey bed like the one my buddy S-Dog and Those Elgin pugs gots!

Hey, do you thinks it's too late for me to send LuLu to Sunflower Camp???


Pearl said...

Harry love,
I will help you look for a secretary while I am searching. We will find good help.

I want a sock monkey bed too! Momma is going to Walgreens to see if we have 'em...

I hope you have a good weekend, my sweet! Tell Lulu Bug to get her hiney to camp! I am waiting for her with a drink in hand!!!


Wilma said...

Hi Harry,
This is Wilmas Mom here.She has me checking on all the girls. She said definitely send Lulu,pronto!

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Hello 'deres Harry!! What a great bunchies of stuffs yous and Lulu got in 'da mails!!

And pleese 'tell her to come to 'da SunFlower Pawty 4sure!!!! oOh it's gonna be such great funs!!!!

Izzy can helps yous Mommy wits 'da Secretary jobs as she applied for wits Pearly's Momma's too!!
Izzy is just sooo professionals(yeps uh huh-sures)

Josie Sista

oh's I's got my chore monies and having a Sock Monkey give aways if yous interested..

Punchbugpug said...

You had a busy week! Those sock monkey beds are really cute, but we would need four here! That's a lot of beds for everyone to trip over....

Nice Christmas in July stuff!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Harry and Lulu
We noticed your new header and it is ADORABLES!
I think you 2 are so cute in the pug mobile. And then just as cute in the shopping cart. Your mom is so lucky cause she has double the love with the both of you.
I want a monkey bed too.
Isn't it just outrageous!

Melker said...

I love presents!

pam said...

Mommy went lookin fer that Sock Monkey bed cause it was sooooo kyute! Alas only our heads will fit in it.

But here's the linky link fer yer mommy:

Bobo and Meja