Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday - postponed

I was all excited and was going to tell everypuggie about the good times I had bonding with my sister puggies at the Sunflower Camp.

But Mom is in a bad mood and won't help me, so I only have time to let you know I'll post about it on a non-Tallulah Tuesday day.

Apparently the A/C in Mom's office broke yesterday and when the guy came to fix it today he asked her when she's going on maternity leave.

So, she's hot and apparently feally fat. Yeah, I guess I would be in a bad mood too.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

APB - Have You Seen This Pug?

My LuLu bug was MIA when me and the Momma got up this morning. She was actings kind suspiciousness last night. She kept sneaking back to our room and one time I caught her in there goings through our clothes basket.

Then, me and the Momma got up this am and LuLu's blankie was gone, BOTH chew chew bones, the hedgehog AND Momma's good vodka, the Margaritaville Margarita mix and the tequila. Oh, LuLu was gone too...

I's thinking she went to that Sunflower Camp thingie, but if you sees her, let me know.

Here's what she's looking like in case your forgots.

For now, I's just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Week In Review

My girlfriend Pearlie-poo has the right idea! She's gonna hires a secretary to do her blogging (and other things). I thinks maybe me and LuLu are gonna have to do the same thing. Mom is a slacker!!!

We's not blogged at all since last week! Not that we's been doing a whole lot, but there has been some exciting stuffs to tell you abouts.

On Saturday morning Mom got our pugmobile out and took us the Farmer's Market.

We's always a big crowd-pleaser in our pugmobile. And we's at just the right height for all the peoples to pet us!

When we got home the mailman knocked on our door and brought us this!

It's mail that came in the air! I wonders if that means an owl brought it like with that other Harry P.

Anyways, it was our Christmas in July prezzie from the Kitty Quartet - Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla and Yuji!

Come on, Mom.... let us open it already!

Ohhhhh, do you see all the fabulous prezzies?!?! We gots some treats, a hedgehog (do they has hedgehogs in Australia?!?), a doughnut, a chew bone and a really pretty towel to help dry us off after baths. Don't I looks smashing in that towel?

Oh, yeah... Mom got a book. She's excited about it, something about stories of Australian dogs who work. Apparently those Australian dogs don't have everything figured out like us pugs!

LuLu was really happy about the prezzies, but I think she was kinda overwhelmed. I guess she's not used to getting lots of prezzies.

Her favorite thing was the hedgehog. Normally she's not a big fan of the stuffies, but she took this one away from me and played and played and played.

Even though we gots some treats in our gift package, Mom took us to the pet store this week to refill our treatables jar. Me and LuLu loves riding in the buggie!

Well, I hopes you all has lots of fun this weekend. I's on a mission to find a sock monkey bed like the one my buddy S-Dog and Those Elgin pugs gots!

Hey, do you thinks it's too late for me to send LuLu to Sunflower Camp???

Friday, July 16, 2010

What Next?

Hey there pugs and peoples. It's already time for the weekend and I's not even told you about last weekend yet! (lazy Mom)

Last weekend, Mom and a friend of hers took me and the LuLubug on an adventure. She loaded us into the car and we drove and drove until we finally came to this park. Apparently the park has lots of Civil War history, but I don't knows much about all that. I's just a pug.

The reason we went is because Mom's friend wanted to go see a lot of these.

There was an antique tractor and engine show. Mom just went because she was putting off organizing our new place and she felt like me and the LuLubug could use some exercise.

Here's me... Mom wouldn't let me do my business here - but wouldn't it have been GREAT!?!

We saw this big deer.

Oh, Mom says it's not that of deer.

Anyway, it was really hot outside, so we went to cool off in this stream.

Yeah, I wasn't really exciteds about the water. LuLu seemed to like it though.

I'm tellings you puggies... she's weird.

When we were leaving we really did see a deer!

Now, I's just wondering what that crazy lady has in stores for us this weekend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Do I Looks Happy To You?

Let me just tells you in case you's not good at reading faces.

I's NOT happy!!!

I's itchy. And scratchy. And itchy.

I gots the flea medicine. I gots a bath last weekend. Momma keeps spraying stuff on me but I still itches! (Note from Harry's Mom: I also give him benadryl or zyrtec every day, but don't tell Harry!)

I can't even enjoys my walkies 'cause I has to stop and scratch or drop my booty and drag it on the road (Mom hates that). What's a pug to do???? We know it's the flea bites, but what more can we do?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Stuffies!!

I knows you's all been worrying about me and my stuffies. I was afraid Mom would forget them when we moved but on the VERY LAST trip to our new place she brought them!

I was so happy to sees them!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tallulah Tuesday ... Clean Pugs

Hey there everypuggie. Me and Tubby want to apologize because we've not been around much lately. Between the move and Mom not feeling well, we can't get her to do much of anything - especially not blog stuff. We're lucky we get fed every day!

We just finished up a REALLY LONG weekend. Mom was home sick Friday and then she was off on Monday, so we got in lots of naptime with her! The naps were great, but then she somehow found the energy to take Tubby to get a bath (which he needed), and then she gave me a bath yesterday. Sheesh!

Here's me and Tubby on the way to his bath.

What's that? Oh, that is just me! I guess Tubby's hiding at the back of the car. Well, here we are after his bath.

He thought he was all manly cause he got a baseball bandanna after his bath.

I still can't believe I had to get one of those bath things!

Yep, I'm a pug burrito. I don't love the hair dryer, so Mom wrapped me up in a blanket so I wouldn't get cold. Pug ears take forever to dry!

If my bath wasn't bad enough, we had a visitor all weekend. Her person was out of town so she kept coming upstairs to hang out with us. The nerve!

Even Tubby got tired of it. Here's he's saying "MOM! Please makes the kitty go home!"

I hope everypuggie out there had a great July 4th! Sending special pawsitive healing vibes to Stubby and The Foo - and any other puggie who's not having the best of luck with their health these days!

We just read Pearlie's blog. Sending pawsitive thoughts her way too!