Thursday, August 28, 2008

No privacy!

I tell ya, I can't go anywhere without some ruthless member of the paparazzi chasing after me. Last night I was at Lou's Pub trying to relax and hang out with friends when this photog (he said he was with the Birmingham News, but I have my doubts) started snapping pictures of me!

Luckily I was not sitting at my table but securing the perimeter, otherwise he would have surely sold these photos to some rag that would run a story about my underage drinking!

I was able to obtain copies of the photographs this morning. I'm relieved that not only are they are not incriminating but they are quite flattering. Not that a pug can take a bad photo - am I right???

"Who did you say you're with again?"

Birmingham News? Okay, I'll give you something to work with.


Puddleglum said...

Harry, you are a stud! Those pics are fantastic!

Pumpkin said...

As a fellow celebrity, I know what you mean about the puparazzi. Seems like they are always hounding us! You take a great picture - you are quite a handsome pug!


The Devil Dog said...

Those are very handsome photos of you, Harry.