Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye on Gustav

Greetings, pugs and people. It's been a worrisome weekend. Mom and I have had our eyes glued to the TV and to various news websites like to keep track of Gustav. My uncle lives in New Orleans and is too stubborn to leave, so we're watching and hoping he stays safe!

Last night I went to see my girlfriends Maggie and Laila. They are from New Orleans originally so they had lots of family coming to stay with them. Send good thoughts toward the gulf coast, they need them!


The Devil Dog said...

Oh dear, we hope your uncle is safe and sound. We hope Hanna and Ike stay away from you.


The Puppies said...

Hope your uncle is safe in New Orleans! We have family visiting from mandeville, because they were evacuated... but they brought a CAT!!
The Puppies