Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Wellness

Harry's mom here. I got home from work yesterday evening and found a pug-shaped indention on top of the sofa's back cushion - and it was still warm! So, I believe Harry has recovered. He jumped on the sofa a few times to watch TV and snuggle but would still not stand up for me to pick him up to put him on the bed. So, it looks like he's recovering. Thanks for all of your advice and well wishes! I don't know what I would do without all of my blog friends!

Gimme back my blog, Mom!

I dunno what she's talking about. That was Midi's indention on the sofa (she just sneakeded back to her bed before Mom got in the door) and it tooks everything I had to get on the sofa to keep Mom warm last night! I thinks I need more treats to feel better. And maybe for my Mom to take a sick day or three to stay home with me.

Thanks for looking outs for me though - especially those of you who saids Mom should wait to take me to the vet. I don't likes the vet!

Snorts & Kisses!


Pearl said...


I just knew you were on the road to recovery! You should limp just a LITTLE or something... maybe Mom will stay home with ya?!

Salinger The Pug said...

Dude...limp a bit and do some of those hacking coughs and look will TOTALLY hang out at home with you then! Maybe yacking a bit would help too.

You might even get some CHICKEN and rice out of the deal!

Good luck buddy!


Rosie said...

Hi Harry,
Just give her those pug eyes - you know the ones! They work every time!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

yay harry!
i am so glad you are feeling all better! now just learn to fluff and blow on the pillows so they are not warm and indented when mom gets home. hide the evidence!

Sandra y Coco said...

Harry, When I want treats I go on hunger strike. I wont eat my food unless I get my veggies first! That works for me. I am glad you are feeling better now!! (just in case you were really sick)

Pearl said...

Harry!!! GREAT JOB on the rug poop! I could not be more proud! Where should we poop today?... I am thinking somewhere in the dining room...

happy said...

Glad to hear you are ok, Harry.

The Devil Dog said...

We are glad you are not hurt badly, harry, and we are happy you are getting better. But whining every now and then will get you a lot of sympathy. And sympathy means treats and cuddles.