Monday, February 9, 2009

Problem Pugs!!!!

Finally! Animal Planet is re-showing It's Me or the Dog with the pugs!!!! I think they are SEPRA people too! Yay! Hope you can watch it - we just saw that it's on.

They all eat poop!!!


Stacy said...

Thanks for posting we are watching now. Brutus and Stacy

Eduardo said...

I love that episode!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Salinger The Pug said...

OMG...we've seen that one and it is GROOOOOOSSS!

I want to kick that guy in the head, btw.

Pearl said...

I think I missed it. :(

I don't mind sharing you for Valentine's Day, Harry. I know your heart belongs to Clemmie, but maybe we could just meet for drinks or something...

The Devil Dog said...

We have never seen that. We shall have to check it out.


Pearl and Daisy said...

Oh, poop (haha) we missed it.

But we can't really watch doggie shows in our house because we go a bit crazy and bark through the whole episode so our parents can't hear anything.

Pearl & Daisy

Rachel said...

we saw that episode. the husband is a word i will not dirty up your blog with. he's not so nice, we'll put it that way. and yes, they eat lots of poop.
this weekend we saw a "designed to sell" on HGTV where the people had a pug and they kept putting him on camera. he was pretty darn cute. but not as cute as you, harry ;)

Rosie said...

I missed it too :(
Well Harry I see you have a lot of dates for Valentine's Day. I would also like to get on your doggy dance card. If you see my blog from the Birthday Pawdy I went to I am a good dancer :)