Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend In Review

Hi there pugs and peoples! I hopes you all hads a great weekend. It was warm and sunny here in Alabama, so I gots to spend lots of time outside. Yay!

Saturday Mom stayed gone a lot longer than usual when she left for her workout. I suspect she may have gone and had fun without me, and she smelled suspiciously like Generation Dog. Well, to make it up to me she took me to the park! We has lots of parks near us but there's one that is just a few blocks away so I can walks to it.

There was a few other doggies there. I played with one for a little bit and then I found a nice cool spot and resteded. Sadly there were no puggies there. We needs a pug meetup here. Mom and I read about the fun Indy meetup and I would have been OK getting muddy if I could have had some friends with me!

Anwyays, here's some pics of me at the park. Mom says this was the only time I was still enough to get pics of me.

Sunday Mom made me works. To gets ready for the Do Dah Day this year, she wanted to inventory everything left over from last year (hats, t-shirts and stuff). So, she made me go with her. Luckily my friend Johnny was there too and we hung out. All that stuff is kept at the Humane Society so I gots to check out lots of messages other doggies left around the place.

We wents to lunch and then we wents back to the Humane Society and looked at all the doggies and kitties who don't have homes yet. It made me kinda sad, but at least they has a nice place to live until they find some good peoples to take care of them.

Since I was such a good worker, Johnny bought me a treat from the gift shop.

We wents home and Mom cleaned and tried to make the brownies Salinger's Mom makes. They did not turn out so good. We's gonna talk about that some other time.

Then we watched Big Love and called it a night. I was exhausteded!!!!


Pearl said...

Harry, you had a long and busy weekend! Your Momma was so nice to take you around to all those fun places! You're a man about town!

Rachel said...

we're glad you had a nice weekend (although sans brownies) - it was super nice weather up here too. I can't remember if I told your mom, I get confused with the emails and comments, etc, but if I haven't told her yet - I nominated her for an award!! Tell her to come over and check it out if she hasn't already.

Rosie said...

Harry - You look handsome as usual. Glad you had a good weekend!

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh NO! What happened with the brownies?

Maybe just TOO MUCH FUN going on the whole weekend!? ;-D are so cute and always make us smile!