Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Easter Weekend and B-TOT???

I knows y'all has been wondering "What did Harry do for Easter? What did Harry get for Easter?" You know Mom neglects me a lots during the week for that "job" thing. But I's got to give her credits cause she has been paying lots of attentions to me on the weekends.

This weekend, here's what we did. Saturday she took me to Generation Dog to get a baths. I got all fluffy and clean smelling and I gots treats! I did not know it at the times, but she was gettin me ready to go see my boxer girlfriends. I's not seen them in a while so this was very exciting! The peoples ate homemade lasagna that my auntie made and some yummy smelling peanutbutter cup cheesecake but they did not give the puggie any! Then we all played some Wii and danced in the disco and stuff. I was exhausted!

The next morning me and the Mom slept really late and then we went to brunch with our friend J. He loves me so much he got mom to take me to the park after brunch. There were lots of doggies at the park, but no puggies. It was still fun though.

Oh - and look what the Easter bunny brought me!!

Those pictures were takens after I had some of my treats. I gots a frog cookie and a cannoli (I loves cannoli) and I got a flossy! The easter bunny knows me so well!

Yesterday Mom was reading Pugs and Bugg's mom's facebook and learned something new. Apparently some puggies has a "B-TOT" (black tip of tail), so Mom was wondering if I do. I dunno... what do you think?

Hard to tell right? How about in my video??? I won't really let Mom get my tail much though. Notice at the end how frustrated I am with how hard I has to work for my treats and she's just obsessed with my tail??


Pearl said...

Hahaha Harry you are so cute in that video!!

I have a VERY clear BTOT, we are posting about it today!!!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
oh what a great easter weekend and basket!

we love you!

m & e

Le Mops said...

me and mah chewei have btot, but chewie more than me. I ask mah mama to take sum photos. I wonder if the pansy pants will have a btot?!?

Rachel said...

Yes, Harry, you definitely have a BTOT! I will have to check Winston's when I get home. Clementine has a BBOD - Black body!!

We're glad the Easter bunny was as nice to you as you were to us. Also, we love how you put your arms out in front of you when you stand up on your back legs in that video. It was making me giggle!