Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, we don'ts have any real answers yet, but I's gonna tell you what I knows.

Mom came home early from work and put the Midi in a purse and left. She left me! At home! By myself! I couldn't believes it! I just stood looking at the door. That's where I was when she came back like hours later. (Yeah, first of all we weren't even gone an hour and I KNOW he didn't stand there the whole time - he's got a flare for the drama).

Ok - so Mom came back with the Midi and she saids that all they know is Midi does not have the dye-a-beasties. We gots to wait for the blood work to come back to know what is wrong. That'll be tomorrow. The doctor said it may just be that Midi's hyper and she has something wrong with her thigh. It's got a roid. Sounds icky! (She may have hyperthyroidism). So if that's it, Mom might have to take her to Atlanta and make her radioactive cat! I's scared!

We hasn't heard anything about Chewie, his bloggie doesn't have an update. But, they's in Seattle and Mom says they are two hours behind us. I think she's making that up. How can they reads my blog if they's always in a different time? Do they time travels to now to read what I says?

Later pugs.


Pearl said...

Oh Harry, I came back first thing this mornin' for an update on Midi. I am anxious to hear the results of the bloodwork, so post another update... k?

PS When did you get that new header? Have I been so out of it that I didn't notice? I love it!

Rachel said...

Hi Harry - we are thinking about Midi today and hoping everything comes back alright and that she doesn't have to trek out to hotlanta to get all radioactive.

Can you have your mom do us a favor and let us know what day your B-day is? Winston's is Thursday and I'm wondering if you guys have the same, or else very close, birthdays!