Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pubs & Pups!

It's beens a fun weekend so far. Well, Friday night my friend J came overs but he left with my Mom and did not take me. That wasn't too fun. Saturday was better.

First, me and Mom went and had a late lunch with a friend from Mom's work and somes small children (Mom's friend's grandkids). They's really cute kids and they gives me lots of treats!

After that we went to Generation Dog to see Catherine and all three of us wents down to this thing called Pubs & Pups. That's a funraiser for a doggie park and boy was it fun! There's this group called Bark for a Park that's raising money to make a dog park in Birmingham - we don'ts have a real dog park here. I know, we's living in the stone ages here! Mom found out yesterday that the city is not giving one penny towards this effort. Can you believes that? I may not pays taxes, but the people who take care of us doggies sure do!

Anyways, I's gonnna get off my soapbox and show you some piccies.

Ok, here's me and my Mom.

Here's my friend J making some other friends.

Here's my new friend Beauregard. Talk about getting caught in a compromising position!!

This cute little Westie was hoping for some chips and guacamole!

Bob the Great Pyrenees

This basset hound was loving the belly rubs!

Look at this cute little Yorkie! She hads a sister too! They had cute daddies who just moved here from Austin. We tolds them about Do Dah Day so we's hoping to see them again. (It's ok Rosie, Pearl, Clementine and Pumpkin - they's too young for me!)

OK, I's gotta go get ready for lunch at Rojo now! Catch you puggies and peoples later!


Heather and Pumpkin said...

Hi Harry,

Sounds like you had a nice day at the fundraiser. You will enjoy having a dog park around I'm sure.


Pearl said...

Harry, I love that pic of you and your momma! Talk about a couple of lookers! You two must stop traffic!!

I was a little worried about those cute Yorkies, so thanks for the reassurance. :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
oh what a great weekend and wonderful photos!

m & e

Le Mops said...

did you get to go to pubs. Mah chewie talks about going to pubs all the time! Mah lil toy sure is cute! I'll sell her to you!

Le Mops