Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 things I love that begin with "R"

So, Rukia and Napoleon's Mom had this great post and she said we could play too! She gave us a letter (I got R) and you have to name 10 things you love that start with that letter. Fun!

1. Remote controls. They are so much fun to chew on!

2. Rides in the car. I know sometimes the ride goes to the vet instead of some place fun, but I still love them!

3. Reindeer head. Reindeer head is one of my stuffies. My girlfriends Laila and Maggie gave him to me last Christmas. Mom says he's not supposed to come out except at Christmas, but I play with him anyway.

4. Rescues. This is probably my favorite thing cause rescue is how I got placed with my Mom.

5. Reed. She's the little girl who lives around the corner from me. We sees her on walks and she plays with me. She even named her stuffed pug Harry!

6. Rojo. My favoritest restaurant in all of Birmingham! I love when me and Mom go eat lunch there. Especially if someone orders bacon!

7. Running. I loves to run, especially around in big circles. I really like running after Midi. That's so much fun!

8. Road trips. I know that's riding in the car and I said that already but it's so much more than just a car ride. It's a trip! It's lots of time sitting next to my Mom. It's also definitely gonna be a car ride to someplace great! Usually it means I'm going to see my grandparents. Sometimes it means Pugfest! Road trips rule!

9. Rinkles. What? That's not how you spell it? It's how I spell it and I loves my rinkles!

10. Resting. I loves to rest, especially when it's in my Mom's lap.

Watch for Mom's post. She got "P" ::Snort::!!


Sandra y Coco said...

I got a "B"... mmmm... still thinking!

Rachel said...

great answers harry! We'll post our letter and answers later this week.

Nevis said...

Ha ha! Adorable, I love it! Especially 'reindeer head'!