Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surgery On My Eyes

Mom took me to the eye doctor today. She put me on the table and did all kinds of stuffs to my eyes. I was not happy about this situation. The doctor said I have a bunch of hairs on my eyelids that rub my cornea and irritate it. Plus my bottom lid rolls under. I've never noticed any of this but that's what she said. We already knew I don't always close my eyes all the way, but she brought that up anyway too.

So, I gots to have the surgery. Mom is happy that my nose wrinkle is not the problem because she was getting really upset thinking about reducing it. She was upset - I was REALLY upset.

The doctor is gonna close my eyes a little, fix my lower lid and freeze where the hair grows that I don't need. She said Mom could bring me in tomorrow for surgery if she wanted, or take some time to think about it.


Of course Mom couldn't think about doing it tomorrow. She said something about having to get mentally prepared for it. So, I have a reprieve until next week. Then I'll have an alien cone on my head for days and days and days.

Clementine and and Winston, we's gonna take my photos for the contest this weekend so my alien cone doesn't mess up my photo. Mom said she doesn't think there are any famous pieces of art with dogs in cones.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi harry!
emmitt and i know your surgery is going to make your eyes feel all better.
you are so cute to take your pictures before the surgery.
that would be a great contest to all send in our cone pictures because we all have them.:)
you are going to be so cute in your cone. that would be a fierce competition.
m & e

Rachel said...

aww - thanks Harry for thinking about the competition! We know you'll feel much better once all this surgery nonsense is done and over with. And Melissa and Emmitt just gave me the greatest idea for the next competition....and you'll be all ready for it!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Dear Harry, well that information is surely much needed. As is the surgery. We know that you will feel a lot better soon, and I bet you will make alien cones the new "in" thing.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you have to have the surgery, but it is going to be so nice for you to have healthy eyes again! We will be thinking about you. Best Wishes!

The Puppies said...

Hey Harry!

Sorry you are having the surgery... i hope it goes well! WE will be crossing all of our paws (and that's a lot!!) for you.. maybe once your eyes are all prettied up, we could meet up!
The Puppies

Sandra y Coco said...

Hi Harry,
My pug Coco had the same problem with his eyes. He had surgery on his right eye to help him close it better. it was recommended by an oftalmologist and even though his appearance changed a little bit, it was a necessary procedure. Things worked different afterwards... but don't worry, it was not because of the surgery (more info on my blog...)
Good luck!
Sandra & Coco