Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 things I love that begin with "P"

Boy, it took Harry a long time to come up with 10 "R" things. Hopefully that's just cause he's not great at spelling and I'll have no problem with "P".

1. Pugs! Obvious I know, but so true. I'm suspicious of anyone who doesn't love pugs. They are so sweet and funny and loving. My life is so much better because of Harry Puglicious.

2. Peanut butter. I eat it straight off the spoon, on crackers, on celery, peanut butter & banana sandwiches, pb & apples. Yummy peanutty goodness.

3. Purple. By far, my favorite color.

4. Pie. I rarely eat pie, but I do love it. This time of year I start craving apple pie but I love almost all pies. Especially cream pies... yum! Banana cream, chocolate cream, coconut cream.... my mouth is watering!

5. Pansies. The happiest flower ever.

6. Pens. I rarely put pen to paper anymore, but I love a good pen. What's more, I really dislike a bad pen. If someone hands me one of those icky blue ink cheap Bic pens I have trouble putting it in my hand, like it has cooties or something.

7. Presents. Who doesn't like a present? I actually love giving presents as much as receiving. There's such a joy that comes with finding something someone really loves and hadn't thought to buy for themselves.

8. Privacy.

9. Panties. Well, lingerie in general. I don't know why - there's certainly no one around to see it but I love buying new undies! (So much for privacy, huh?)

10. Purple Haze. As in, Abita Purple Haze beer from Louisiana. It's my favorite!

Send me and Harry a comment if you would like to play and we'll send you a letter!

10 things I love that begin with "R"

So, Rukia and Napoleon's Mom had this great post and she said we could play too! She gave us a letter (I got R) and you have to name 10 things you love that start with that letter. Fun!

1. Remote controls. They are so much fun to chew on!

2. Rides in the car. I know sometimes the ride goes to the vet instead of some place fun, but I still love them!

3. Reindeer head. Reindeer head is one of my stuffies. My girlfriends Laila and Maggie gave him to me last Christmas. Mom says he's not supposed to come out except at Christmas, but I play with him anyway.

4. Rescues. This is probably my favorite thing cause rescue is how I got placed with my Mom.

5. Reed. She's the little girl who lives around the corner from me. We sees her on walks and she plays with me. She even named her stuffed pug Harry!

6. Rojo. My favoritest restaurant in all of Birmingham! I love when me and Mom go eat lunch there. Especially if someone orders bacon!

7. Running. I loves to run, especially around in big circles. I really like running after Midi. That's so much fun!

8. Road trips. I know that's riding in the car and I said that already but it's so much more than just a car ride. It's a trip! It's lots of time sitting next to my Mom. It's also definitely gonna be a car ride to someplace great! Usually it means I'm going to see my grandparents. Sometimes it means Pugfest! Road trips rule!

9. Rinkles. What? That's not how you spell it? It's how I spell it and I loves my rinkles!

10. Resting. I loves to rest, especially when it's in my Mom's lap.

Watch for Mom's post. She got "P" ::Snort::!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I's A Winner!

Thanks to Winston and Clementine and their Mom for choosing me as the winner of this week's Project Dogway contest! I had so much fun posing for my picture and I think Mom had fun recreating the Classic Pug art. All of the entries were fierce, so go check them out!

Here's what my picture looked like originally.

And here's what we were going for.

Me an Mom are just chillin at home today. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Award! and Common Threads

First, I gots an award!!! Puddleglum gave me this awesome award. He's so nice.

Keeping in the spirit of those who have received it before me, I'll nominate those who commented on my last post, well at least those who don't already have it. Emmitt, Roxy and Lucky, and The Puppies!

I's had a lots of time to think about my blogging buddies while I been gettin over my surgery. So, I thought it would be fun to list some common threads between us (me and Mom) and our blogger friends.

Manicdote - Rufi and Napolean: They lives in Alabama and we lives in Alabama. Hopefully we'll get to meet some day!

Coco - Coco lives in South Florida and my Mom lived in South Florida for a year. But that was a long time before me.

Puddleglum - NFL!!!! Even though we roots for the different teams, we share a love for the pros. AND we both roots for Reggie Bush 'cause he's on Puddy's Dad's fantasy team!

The Puppies - we's live in the same city! I know we'll get to meet some day. And all of you know how I love boxers!

Good Boy Norman Featherstone - his Mom lived in Mobile and my Mom is from Mobile. They also both went to the same college (Mom says "Go Jags" but there's lots of sarcasm in her voice).

Anybody else have common threads with your fellow bloggers?

Alien Cone

Hey pugs and people. I'm feeling better today. Mom and I gots a good night's sleep last night. This morning I went on my normal walk, although sniffing trees was a lot harder with this alien cone on my head. Mom gave me breakfast before we walked which is unusual, but I did not mind. I had some trouble eating from my food bowl so Mom fed me by hand.

I am NOT milking this - it's hard to eat with your head in a cone!

So, anyway. I ate and Mom gave me my yummy stinky treats plus my regular treats! (Note from Harry's Mom: stinky treats are pill pockets) Mom tried to put some stuff in my eyes but I wouldn't let her. Hasn't she done enough already??
(Note from Harry's Mom: If anyone has hints on how to get eyedrops into a stubborn pug's eyes I'm all ears!)

I'm being banished to my crate today, I don't know why. So, I'll try to update you again soon. In the meantime, here's some pictures of my misery.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I's Home

Hey dere pugs and peoples. I's home. Mah shurgery went shwell but I's still feelin kinda funny. Ima gonna go back to shleep but I wanted to thanks you for all the good wishes.

Nip/Tuck Day

A Post from Harry's Mom

I took Harry to the vet this morning for his surgery. The vet is going to fix his lower lids so the don't roll in, freeze some hair follicles and close his eyes a little so they will close all the way when he is sleeping.

It was so hard to leave him there, I've left him with my friends (and his girlfriends) when I've had to go out of town for work, but I've never left him at the vet. We don't know how much they remember, but I'm afraid he'll think he's being given up again. My poor boy.

Think good thoughts - I'll update the blog when I know he's out of surgery and doing well.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Frustrating Sunday

I got to go see my girlfriends today. We watched the Saints play. Wow, what a game! We were up, we were down, we just had to make one yard to be up again. It was a nail-biting game. Sadly, in the end we lost.

Congratulations to the Glummy Puddle and his dad. His team beat us. Good game, guys.

Ok, have to go. Mom's making me watch America's Next Top Model. sigh...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surgery On My Eyes

Mom took me to the eye doctor today. She put me on the table and did all kinds of stuffs to my eyes. I was not happy about this situation. The doctor said I have a bunch of hairs on my eyelids that rub my cornea and irritate it. Plus my bottom lid rolls under. I've never noticed any of this but that's what she said. We already knew I don't always close my eyes all the way, but she brought that up anyway too.

So, I gots to have the surgery. Mom is happy that my nose wrinkle is not the problem because she was getting really upset thinking about reducing it. She was upset - I was REALLY upset.

The doctor is gonna close my eyes a little, fix my lower lid and freeze where the hair grows that I don't need. She said Mom could bring me in tomorrow for surgery if she wanted, or take some time to think about it.


Of course Mom couldn't think about doing it tomorrow. She said something about having to get mentally prepared for it. So, I have a reprieve until next week. Then I'll have an alien cone on my head for days and days and days.

Clementine and and Winston, we's gonna take my photos for the contest this weekend so my alien cone doesn't mess up my photo. Mom said she doesn't think there are any famous pieces of art with dogs in cones.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Weekend

I hope all the pugs and people out there had a good weekend. Mine was pretty good. Saturday morning I got to go for a ride. I though maybe Mom was taking me to the farmer's market but she took me to some people's house instead. We were doing another home visit, but not for a pug this time. Nope, I've become doggyspace friends with this cool guy named Cajun. Cajun is an American Pit Bull Terrier. His Mom lives in my Mom's hometown and is co-founder of the Bama Bully Rescue. You should check out their site, Mom learned a lot about this breed that so often gets a bad rap.

So, anyway. We went and visited a couple who want to adopt a pit bull rescue. They already have a dog (a very big dog named Rocco), but want a play mate for him. Rocco was super sweet. We're not sure what he is but we are thinking maybe lab and bull mastiff or something 'cause he was giant! Apparently his best friend is a pug so we got along great.

Sunday we watched the Saints. For a while we were watching the Saints win, but something went wrong in the last quarter and Mom kept yelling at the TV and was not happy. The rest of Sunday was pretty sad at our house. Mom says sometimes it's tough being a Saints fan. I guess she's right.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery?!?

So, I had my annual check-up at the Vet today. Heart, good. Skin, good. Mouth/Teeth, good. Ears, good. Eyes, not so good.

Apparently I have some pigs on my cornbread (note from Mom: corneal pigmentation). And do you know what they want to blame it on??? My nose wrinkle. I mean, I know it's big - but come on! (Another note from Mom: The vet says it's rubbing against his eyes).

Exhibit A: Huge Nose Wrinkle

What will I look like without my huge nose wrinkle? That's part of what makes me so handsome! And the girls love it!

Then they want to close my eyes a little too so I will close them all the way when I sleep. Help! Save me from all of cosmetic surgery!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Fun

We's just hanging out on this Saturday, which is fine with me. At least my Mom is home with me! To liven things up, I played with some of my BFF's. Froggie got a little out of line and I had to take him down.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Special Agent Pugalicious Reporting In

Hi pugs and people. I have recovered from my work-filled evening and am ready to report back to you my findings.

First of all, there were two (2) cats. Not only were there two of them, but they looked just alike! It was very confusing for a pug, not knowing which cat was where, when. One of the cats just watched me (probably trying to plot my demise) while the other cat actively stalked me everywhere I went. At one point he cornered me in the hallway and I thought I was a goner for sure!

(A note from Harry's Mom)
The cats were very sweet. One was a little more shy and stayed away from Harry while keeping a watchful eye. The other one did follow him, tried to play with his tail and just wanted Harry to play in general. He did corner my big brave pug in the hallway - but had Harry not been obsessed with getting to the cat food that was behind a bedroom door, that probably wouldn't have happened.

Ahem... so, anyway. The lady was so nice to me. She had a special treat for me, my favorite one too - a cannoli from Generation Dog!!! After I ate that, I let her love on me and scratch my booty. Her boyfriend was there too - and he was just as nice. They were clearly in love with me and it's a wonder I wasn't pugnapped on the spot!

So, I think that's going to be a wonderful home for a pug. She is looking at a little girl pug who's just over a year old and came from a puppy mill. She'll be very lucky to have such a good home - almost as lucky as me!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Works Tonight

My mom said I has to go to works tonight. She is always pimpin me out for causes (like when she made me model t-shirts for the Do Dah Day). This time I'm giving back to my rescue group, and hopefully finding a good home for a pug. We going to visit a home of someone who wants to adopt a pug from SEPRA.

Ok, gots to go take a nap so I'll be all rested for work.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lazy Weekend

First let me tell everyone that my uncle is safe, although Mom still thinks he's too hard-headed. We're very glad that New Orleans faired well (all things considered) during the storm and hope that's the last one the Gulf Coast has to deal with this season!

Now for what you really like to see... pictures of moi.

We were really lazy this weekend. Watching CNN all day makes you tired. Here are some pics of our fun-filled Labor Day weekend.

This is really not very dignified. Mom insisted we put it up here.

My summer collar

Midi T. Kitty - she loves a box

So tired, it's rough being a pug

Monday, September 1, 2008

Eye on Gustav

Greetings, pugs and people. It's been a worrisome weekend. Mom and I have had our eyes glued to the TV and to various news websites like NOLA.com to keep track of Gustav. My uncle lives in New Orleans and is too stubborn to leave, so we're watching and hoping he stays safe!

Last night I went to see my girlfriends Maggie and Laila. They are from New Orleans originally so they had lots of family coming to stay with them. Send good thoughts toward the gulf coast, they need them!